moving house!!

please can someone tell me how thw hell i am supposed to pack up the entire house in 3 days with a baby who has 5 teeth coming through, isnt eating/sleeping properly!!!! a husband who is stressed and will be working late all week. im tired and fed up. im moving cos of his job. oh yeah, when ive done all that i need to find a job and some child care!!! sorry i know there are worse probs to have, i just needed to rant.


  • No idea how you are supposed to do that - i think it will just take good luck.

    correct me if im wrong but arent you moving to penwortham??? I work about ten mins from there, what do you do? i could look out for a job for you. the company is huge and very flexible. There is also a nursery on site and child minders often advertise on our notie boards if you want me to keep an eye out?
  • aaw susie that is alot to deal with but sounds like MKT86 can help ya settling in ya new area! good luck hope it all goes smoothly xx
  • we are moving to new longton, but my husband works in penwortham. job wise shouldnt be to bad i work for alliance/boots group so they will just transfer me (hopefully!) its more childcare. i have got a list of childminders and nurserys from lcc website. might see you out and about in penwortham/longton!!!! thanks for the offer, if you do here anything about a good childminder, you could email me that would be great.
  • feel much better today! had total meltdown yesterday. ended up, lo in her cot screaming and me downstairs crying my eyes out, on the phone to some parent support thing!!! the lady was really nice and calm and helpful. everything is nearly done so we should be fine.
  • well we are in! it didnt go to bad, lo was at her granny's which they loved and it meant we didnt have to worry about her. her teething seems to have eased this week, which is also good. its her birthday next week im so excited, gonna make a cake on monday. thanks everyone for your kindness it does help!
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