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Tess - where are you?

Where have you gone. I really miss you.xx


  • ahhh, i found it. thats lovely* got to go speak to all next week. take care and good luck with your scan***
  • ahhh, i found it. thats lovely* got to go speak to all next week. take care and good luck with your scan***
  • Hi tess, I keep missing you - I hope your ok xxxxx
  • HI CLAIRE21, im doin ok, still got flees tho (very itchy!!!) i am jus shoppin on the vertbaudet site, very nice stuff. hows u doin?
  • Fine thanks honey. Have you tried that oilatum cream? I am on ebay getting carried away with a dior cardigan for the critter - like i can afford it - not
  • im the same, im a nursery nurse we dont get paid alot at all. its sounds glamorous but the only benefits ar working with so many funny characters. the money is a joke!!! i have tried oilatum, its works for a couple hrs but then stops workin. the bloody doc tried 2 giv me anti-histamines, im not allergic 2 my baby!!!! i think its because my skins stretchin so much (im a fat cow at the mo) He He, at least iv got an excuse, goan start swimmin in april i love swimmin. hopefully my hip wil work by then or il drown!!! all i do is shop & my work wont pay me SSP cos i worked p/t. im registered disabled (was hit by a car when i was 12 iv got pins & plates in my leg) if u saw me u wouldnt think there was anythin wrong wit me but im in pain alot! iv got used 2 it but it just takes the piss that im unable 2 work full time & cos i work p/t i dont earn enough 2 pay NI. because i dont pay NI i dint qualify 4 sick pay. so its a bit of a nitemare but i still shop with my o/h's money. He He***
  • I'm not working either and spending his money. My account is overdrawn, so I was thinking I'm going to have to use his credit cards (out the drawer) and then I remebered the paypal account on ebay has his bank details BINGO!!!!Trouble is I've won the cardigan and a lovely white hand knitted blanket - I'm finding hard to stop! I haven't been swimming since I gave up work before christmas. thats the beauty of your mum and dad having a pool - you never go in it. I should really I am just so tired at the moment I can't be bothered. Just make sure you don't do breastroke. Is bad for people with sore hips and bad backs!! xxx
  • oh thanks for that i didnt know that! i stopped working in november & until i found this site in early feb i think it was i was extremely lonely. but hey now im not, im really lookin forward 2 whats 2 come. want 2 go on holiday tho but it wud b very hard financially so im gona have 2 wait til after the baby arrives or even next yr. i wont take baby with me til its at least2 so my mum will look after it 4 a wk but i wont b willing 2 leav it til its a least 1. so i have a very long wait. but its worth it. have u recieved ur bounty pack yet? Tess***
  • Yeah it puts pressure on your joints as your at a funny angle, so it's better to do crawl. And in the water it's 12x more resistant but your weightless so you don't realise how much work your doing. I'm going to sound a right tit but is it the thing that the midwife gives you? If so yes. Duh!
  • yeah it the pack with all the offers in, emmas diary so on. i only got 2 c me m/w for the 1st time when i was 15 weeks b4 that i was totally clueless bout everythin so dont worry if u didnt no. anyway our brains arent working 100% at the mo so we r allowed to b a bit slower than usual!!! I asked cos everytime i try to get my free bounty mums 2 b pack both asda & boots have none left & its getting really frustratin! also i cant find where the nearest lloydspharmacy is, i need 2 multimap it cos i terrible with directions ( cant blame pregnancy 4 that) hehe***
  • thats typical theres 2 just about 5 minutes away from me. My brain isn't in gear very often - pregnant or not. I'll be back in a bit my dogs are desperate to gofor a walk and it's getting dark! see you later xxxxx
  • I'm back - shit it's cold x
  • welcome back, how r the dogs, i havent been out all day so i havent had the luxury of feelin cold. oh i miss my dog. my friend brings his dog round 2 c me every wk. the dog really loves me so its gr8 c in him. im gona look after him for the wkend in 2 wks***
  • They are sparko now so thats good. They are called lola and hugo and they are my little furry babies. What sort of dog did you have? I'd hate to be without mine now. If I come home and pete has taken them out, the house feels awful xx
  • sorry i didn't reply before I was oggling that staceys brother shaun on eastenders - god he is so fit.
  • hes got nice eyes! my dog was a lircher ( i think thats hw u spell it ). he was a short haired 1. my dad has a long haired 1 which is like a horse. my 1 was small like a racing dog but not as skinny!!***
  • Spooky I've got a whippet. He is quite skinny but he is beautiful and he's fawn with white feet. And I've also got a - don't laugh - a basset hound. The two most unfashionable dogs ever. Lola is a bit of a lard arse but I love them so much.
  • they r absolutely beautiful dogs, my friend has 3 whippets & they have such a lovin warm personality***
  • I know, i would get another one tomorrow he is beautiful, and so clean. When lola comes in because her gut is so low it's like a miltary operation getting her clean, and her ears and big paws - where as the hugo just trots on a towel and he's clean. He's only 3 and so cuddly. When we first got him everyone thought we were mad, and kept going on about how awful they are, but if it was down to me i'd have a house ful. And they don't smell.x
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