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Hi all
Anyone got any problems with the rain/flooding today?
It's terrible here in Gloucester. All the roads are being closed and I am hoping it doesn't start leaking through my catflap any moment!!


  • it seems to have calmed down here 4 now, my dad lives by the river don and had to get stuff upstairs quick, sadly most of his stuff was in the garage at bottom of garden all packed up waiting for a container as he is moving 2 greece.
    this wkend is gonna b bad though, im glad i live at top of a hill! xx
  • yeah we have flooded freally badley my oh has been helping neighbours scoop water out of the gardens so it didnt go on the houes!!!
  • I have bin yappin about the weather being shit but i saw the news for you guys in England and you are getting it much worse than we are! We are getting the same rain but we arnt as built up with villages and towns so we arnt gettin flooded as we still have our natural flood planes. Hope the rain stops for you all and your homes dont get flooded. xxx
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