Hiya girls,
My name is Lisa....Im mum to Cealeigh, 8 and Daebhan, 17 months. Just moved to Scotland from Ireland with my fiance and 2 babys.. Startin to get a bit lonely here as I don't know anyone yet. Look forward to chattin to someone over the age of 2.:lol::lol:


  • Hi lea!! where abouts in Ireland did you live?
  • Thanks for the reply. Born and reared in Dublin.Where are you from yourself?
  • Hi lea, where are you in scotland? I moved here when I was preganant with my daughter(11 yrs ago!) so I know it can be a bit lonely c x
  • Thanks so much for the reply Claire. Im in Bothwell at the moment but moving to Hamilton in 2 weeks. We just bought a house there. Im going off my head with no one to talk to so this is great. Should have joined weeks ago.
  • Hi lea im a newbie 2 i live in a town not that u would know it u spend my life chatting 2 an 8 year old who is going on 18 a 3 year old and a 7 month old baby put it all together and u hav a terrible combination of football thomas the tank and dadda lol
  • Hi lea - sorry your feeling lonely, just keep logging on there is always someone on here to chat to. I'm claire and i'm 33 and 27 weeks pregnant with my first. hope to speak to you soon xxxxxx
  • Ha,ha..Tell me about it.. My little girl is goin tru the phase now of sneaking out the front door and walking up and down the street in my clothes and more make up than youd see on Jodie Marsh.
    Where are you from?
  • Thanks Claire... Hope all is well with you. Thanks for the reply. When is your baby due?
  • Lol i bet that is a sight 2 see sounds like a little cracker i love the spirited 1s im from kings lynn prob never heard of it the supposed land of webbed feet x
  • I feel soooo stupid askin' ya is that in Scotland?? I havent a clue of anywhere here apart from the 2 shoppin centres nearest here that I go to every mornin for somethin to do and which I am really sick of the sight of now....ha,ha.
  • Sorry for the late reply lea, Im from Co Tyrone in the North. Dublins beautiful and plannin to go shoppin there some of these weekends. Do you like Scotland? I also moved to Scot when i was small but mum missed home to much and we moved back within 6 months but i loved it and the scots are very like the Irish in personality. Hope you settle in an enjoy your new home. xxx
  • lol thats in NORFOLK the land of Bernard Matthews its really bootifull u know the 1?
  • I do indeed..............sorry about that. Im very simple at times
  • Not stupid at all i didnt know whrer it was until i moved here when 12 u dont seem 2 fit in here unless the last 3 gens hav lived here dont want 2 offend anyone but the saying goes im from norfolk born and bred strong in the arm and thick in the head! Doesnt apply 2 everyone obviously hav some wonderfull friends here but when u move from the place u grow up in the people around can make u feel alienated
  • Dont I know it..ha,ha.
  • You will soon find your feet are their any local groups u could go 2
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