Im totally in love

Hey everyone i know this is not pregnancy related but i have to share my love for Justin Timberlake, i adore him he is so beautiful! I loved him when i was at school and n sync were my favourite group, even when he had his curly hair. Im sorry to sound like a freak ( im not ) !! I just really think he is perfection. Thats all i wanted to say, and to share my idea of my ideal man. . Who is your ideal celebrity man??

Loads of love Sophia x x x


  • Ummmmm Justin is lovely, but i always liked Tupac (even tho he is dead). The person i like at the moment is that guy from prison break. His eyes r come to bed eyes. Very nice indeedy!
  • Oh yeah the prison break guy is nice, he has a really nice bod aswell. Justin timberlake is just beautiful i am obsessed with him i even got to touch him before, i dont stalk him though!
  • i dont know who tupac is! sorry im thick arent i??
  • No he is a rapper who died in 1996. I loved him when i was growing up!
  • hi girls have u seen timbaland nelly furtado and Justin's new vid? i really like the song.. it's called give it to me it's good. I used to LOVE the backstreet boys when i was younger but now i absolutely adore the liverpool player Jamie Carragher there's something about him i dunno wot it is!! ha ha ha... The prison break dude is cute too. Tupac's a lil 2 gangster 4 me!! ha ha ha.. Anyone else?
  • Justin Timberlake is such a pretty boy he makes me want to vomit!!! i prefer them a little rough around the edges, I'm sure no-ones gonna agree with me, even if you know what the hell i'm talking about but Hugh Laurie how he is in House pwhoar!!!! But my hubby is the sexiest man who ever lived.
  • Well i love Justin Timberlake he is my ideal man, he is perfection!
    As far as footballers are concerned the best one is Freddie Ljunberg by a mile, but justin is still my number 1!! x x x
  • ahh justin timberlake is so fit!!think hes really sexy!!sends shivers down me everytime i see him,in his music vids!!
  • I love justin he is the the most perfect man, he can dance, sing, well dressed, and is beautiful! What more could you ask for???
  • Jack from LOST!!
  • Ooh good choice funkyrabbit! Timberlake is still my number 1 though x
  • I adore Mark Ruffalo, he has got the sexiest speaking voice, especially in 13 going on 30!
  • Mark is better in Just Like Heaven!!

  • Josh Holloway ...all the way!!! (for anyone who doesn't know - SAWYER FROM LOST!!!)

    Em XX
  • when i was at school i was madly in love with kelly jones from the stereophonics!
  • Is that the welsh guy? Sorry i dont know those bands very well!!! When i was at school it was blue and all of those crappy boy
  • My fiance is WAY sexier than justin timberlake anyway. . i do still love justin though image
    not as much as Owain though x x x
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