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Sorry to get you with this one, when i went for a poo at the weekend, i noticed red blood in the toilet water, thought it might have been AF but when i wiped, there was bright red blood coming from my bun, when i wiped again with clean paper ther was nothing. Anybody know what this could be please????

Den xx


  • could be piles, wich can result in a bit of blood when u poo.
    if u r still worried best c doc. xx
  • Hi Den, this could be piles. Were you straining alot when you went to the toilet like constipation?

    Its usually not alot to worry about you can either get cream to put on the area after every toilet visit or you can go to your gp and just get it checked out. Have suffered with piles before and not nice also you can suffer with piles alot in pregnancy as pregnancy slows everything down and have just used cream for a few days and has got rid of problem.

    I think once you have piles they never disappear but wont be there all the time unless you are straining alot to go to the toilet but if they cause big discomfort it can be removed!!!

    You may just want to read up about them and difficult to explain why you get it and what it is. Dont worry about it though unless it continues and there is alot of blood.

    Ramble over hope this helps you x
  • It is prob piles, u can get cream, but check with doc or some 1 as you only can use certain 1s in pregnancy, xx
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