Why is Kate McCann now a suspect?

Hi everyone, sorry to talk about a depressing subject but i've just caught the end of the news and it said that police say Kate McCann is now a suspect after being questioned all day yesterday.
This is awful. Does anyone know why or what has happened? x


  • all i know is that she is now a main suspect and was questioned for 11 hours yesterday and gerry her husband is being questioned today at 2 o clock, but he isn't a suspect! apparently they have dna of madalines on there clothes but who doesn't have there own childs dna on there clothes, it's ridiculous, as if they haven't been through enough. x
  • Thanks michelle605, thats so awful isn't it. That poor family x
  • yeah it doesn't bear thinking about, it has put me off taking my kids abroad while they are young, i think i'll wait til they are older, i know it doesn't happen all the time but it's not worth taking that risk. x
  • oh i haven't heard that one, but most of the evidence they have doesn't add up, we will just have to wait and see x
  • I agree with joanne, i always thought it was a bit odd and at the end of the day it is terrible that the little girl is missing but it was her parents who left them unattended, now i dont know about you but i wouldnt leave my dog unattended let alone a child. If it had of been a single mum living off benifits that it had happened to it would have been a different story of how everyone would have treated her. I just think that they brought it on themselves leaving 3 young children alone and even if they didnt have anything to do with her dissaperance then they should have to stand up and be counted for in the court systems here for neglect. Also who is looking after their twins? Shouldnt a good mother or father at least have them with them during this ordeal or do the twins also have to do without their parents love and affection? I do hope Maddy gets returned but if her mum and dad hadnt left them in the first place it would never have happened. Rant over.
  • Me & dh have just been talking about it & he was saying that it's been reported that the 2 other children had been drugged on the night madeline had been taken so the parents could leave them, i always thought that was abit weird that there was no reports of what the other children had seen,I just think its so sad that if she hasn't been taken that this woman has led us up the garden path so to speak,but on the the hand if she has nothing to do with it its horrendous that she's been put through all of this,just hope that madeline is found safe & well.
  • i would never leave my daughter alone at home for a min let alone abroad in a hotel room while i went out for a meal,but i do feel sorry for the perants.
    i heard on the news today that they found blood in the hire car after madaline went missing and the police now think that madaline may have been killed accedentley but instead of going the hospital they decided to hide her body, there sayin its posible the blood in the car got there cause the perants moved the body for a second time.
    i really dont know what to think,but i hope that there wrong and they find her safe and well,
  • Last night I spoke to my dads girlfriend who is in the police and she said that the parents gave the children something to make them sleep whilst they went out for dinner. As they are doctors this is thought to be more than just calpol. Her opinion and everyone from her station is that Maddie wouldn't wake up so they were shaking her etc to wake her up and thats how she died. She does believe it was an accident but that the parents panicked. If I was abroad and one of my children was taken from me and presumed in the hands of a paedophile then I would be going out of my mind. i couldn't keep it together. They all found it very strange at the beginning when they were interviewed as they weren't like this. I know that people grieve differently but at that stage, we were led to believe there was nothing to grieve about as she was just thought missing. This really is awful and I hope the parents have nothing to do with it as if they have I will have lost all faith in humanity xx
  • Hi all.. I agree with all of you that are basically saying.. theres no smoke without fire....
    I have said since day 1 there was something not right about it all because of the way there parents were so calm.. I even cried more than they looked like they had done!! My daughter was 4 a few days before maddy so it felt close to home for me.. so awful.
    Now all this has come about im so sorry for what this beautiful girl has gone through! I still get upset watching the news.. had to turn it off this morning cos getting upset.
    I hope to god when all this comes to and end that they find where madeline is.... so the rest of the family can lay her to rest.. that is the least that she and the family need.
    caz xx
  • magicmonica i think has summed it up there is no smoke without fire. I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through they have seemed cool throughout the whole situatio but we do not know what goes on behind closed doors.
    Leaving your children alone i thought was a punishable offence and this alone should see them face questionining.
    My heart goes out to them and if they are innocent how must they feel and if they are guilty how betrayed will all their supporters feel....
  • I have to say, OH and myself have always thought both parents have someting to do with their little girls disappearance. So many things just don't make sense.
    One question that has always bothered me. If it was a kidnap with the purpose to sell the child why were the twins not taken? They r younger, less likely to remember and twins are surely worth more. And if it was a kidnap surely the over publicity would mean something not so nice has happend. They can no longer sell her, she's too hot, too much in the public eye. To give her back would mean you might aswell hand yourself in.
    Well I know what I have said is harsh and if they are innocent then I apologise and couldn't begin to understand what they are going through.
    I just hope that Madeline is well and perfectly fine. This is a cruel and nasty world we live in. Hope I havent offended anyone.
  • Another thing to think about thought 25 days after she went missing the McCanns will have been watched like hawks by the media/ papers etc.. how would they move a body without been certain they werent been watched Im on the fence dont really know what I believe but hope she is still alive and well
  • Ok, my feelings on the whole thing are that I have thought it was dodgy from the start - wouldn't surprise me if they are proved guilty of some kind of involvement into her disappearance/murder.

    I also think that had they left the children alone while they went for dinner in Britain, and someone reported the kids being alone, then they would have been arrested for that alone even if the kids were fine. It seems that, just because the little girl went missing everyone feels sympathy for them and the general opinion is "leave off, they are going through enough without being arrested for leaving her". Ironically, people wouldn't be as sympathetic if the children ended up fine in the same situation - everyone would instead be saying the parents should be punished. This whole thing is their fault whether they did anything to the child or not.

    If they are guilty, then it went in their favour for ages that the fact the portugese police are complete halfwits with their sloppy investigations - they would have had plenty of opportunity to get rid of any evidence as no-one suspected them for a long time.

    Ok, that's my piece - sorry if people don't agree, but that's what I think.
  • question............ IF U HAD LOST ONE CHILD WHOULD U ALLOW YOUR OTHERS OUT YOUR SIGHT... how often do u see them children with their parents, that really concerns me, surely its natural to cling to the children u have left after something so bad has happened.

  • Wow. Another question I thought of only today. Where are they getting their money from to spend all this time in Portugal? They must be getting some money through the press but it can't be all that much. Their not rich people, comfortable maybe, but not rich. I have so many questions that I would like answering to be convinced that they don't have something to do with it all.
    I agree that the portugese police have ballsed up the investigation giving whoever all the time in the world to cover up and bugger off.
    No I wouldn't let my other children out of my sight. I would come home and try to keep things as normal as possible for the sake of my other children, and to be there of my other children. Not left with strangers or family members.
  • I think the problem is because of the law in portugal nothing is being reported & only snipets of news is coming out,definatly somethings don't add up but for the last 4 months the McCanns havn't been able to fart without it being all over the news here so i keep thinking how could they get rid of her body? Yes there's been blood found in a hire car but a forensic scientist said depending how much it was it could have been transfurred by other ways,I just keep thinking if they didn't do it they are going through hell all over again.Either way its just a horrible situation
  • Hiya. Not sure weather you will all agree. But i have thought from day 1 the parents were something to do with it. I have never even seen them cry or look sad about it. And the fact her DNA was found in the car, which was hired AFTER she went missing is a big clue. Also her blood was found in the appartment.
    Also who in their right mind would leave there kids on their own in a hotel whilst on holiday especially when there was baby sitting facilities in the hotel and they chose not to use it.
    Hopefully soon all will become clear on what happened to the poor little girl and where she is.
    If it was a single parent or young couple they would get so much slack for leaving the child on their own but coz they are both Drs or whatever they seem to have it pretty easy.
  • Kerry 21 aparantly if they are found guilty ir to have any involvement all the money they have made they will have to pay back x
  • I think the portugyise wanted them out the country, so to hold them as suspects makes them not want to be there because of the money thats what i thought when i watched it and they did leave! also i think they may have something to do with it but not entireley sure till they find out a bit more but obviousley their stories add up together otherwise they would of been arrested by now...... i just dont no its all strange to me!!!!!!
  • omg! they gave their kids medication to knock them out and then went out and left them alone in a foreign country!! how are social services not involved! i agree if that was a single mum living off benefits she would have had her kids removed and been in court or something!
    I heard on the news this morning that they had dogs in the apartment that are trained to pick up the scent of death, like if some one dies in a room the dogs can tell (apparantley death leaves a lingering odour) and they picked something up in that appartment. like it says on the news though you cant exactly ask a dog, "are you sure your not mistaken?"
    I think what with their obvious bad parenting (using drugs to make kids sleep so they could go out) the blood found in the apartment, the blood found in the car and the dog thing something is definatley wrong.
    I hope to god that poor maddy is found alive and well but lets face it as more and more time goes on and more evidence comes to light its looking less and less likely.
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