My baby bump - pics!

I have finally popped and have a baby bump!

the first pic was taken on Tuesday at 18 + 3

the next one was taken yesterday at 18+5! I've gone gigantic in the space of two days!

I know I've got a long way to go but I feel huge having grown so much so fast. I feel like a whale!

But I am very proud of my bump image I cannot stop rubbing it image image image


  • I know - it's difficult to get my head round at times. In fact, I am sitting here staring at my bump thinking about the baby inside it and STILL not quite believing it!

    Now it's getting more real, I am getting more scared about it all!
  • good grief woman - that is an incredible growth spurt!!!!! Just wait till the movements are big enough for fudgeedoo to feel too! AMAZING.

    Love the new avatar too - keep the growing going!
  • I now have maternity clothes! I have a pair of jeans and a top from Mothercare and for the first time EVER I don't feel like a fraud shopping in there image

    And these clothes are so cool - I look genuinely pregnant and it's made me so happy! image image image
  • wow - beautiful bump!

  • thanks guys. I am quite proud as you can probably tell.
  • D'you know what's really quite sad?
    Normally Sunday is getting washing done, tidying up etc. Today I have decided that I am SO desperate to wear my maternity clothes out for the first time that I am going to do the supermarket shop a day early. image
    I have made my list and am going to get dressed as soon as I get off here. Just so I can walk around Tesco showing off my bump properly for the first time.
    I am so SAD! hehehehe gotta love it.
  • sadly, as I discovered around Tesco, I think I should have bought size 14 instead of 16 as the jeans are too big for me!
    I'm not sure what to do now... I can't take them back as I've worn them, shouldn't really buy any more as they weren't cheap but can't wear them as they were nearly around my ankles shopping.

  • Wow I love your bump!!!!
    My bump is on my avatar fro when i was 32 weeks!

    Amy 34+3 xxxxxx
  • aww fudgie,
    you have a beatuiful bump image

    i remember when i started showing, its pure magic.

    have you started patting it or stroking it yet? (I'm not a freak!) ollie loves having his feet tickled because thats what i used to do to my bump! image

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