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Hi FunkyRabbit,
I have a coil implant, I think it's called a menerva.It hasn't been any trouble for me! When I had my daughter I needed something that I didn't have to remember to take or worry about. I don't know alot of people who have had one. It is the size of your palm and it has a hormone in it that gets released over time. You can have them in for about 5 years and it decreases my periods, mine only last for one day and are very light. Having it put in isn't great, I had four injections inside to numb it so that when it is inserted i wouldn't feel it. I don't feel it at all and I can just forget it's there. I had one before I had my daughter and once it was removed, I had one period and when we tried I got pregnant first time. When you have it removed you go back to your doctors and they remove it which again itsn't great, but it works for me and doesn't get in the way in the bedroom! Hope this helps,
thudson22 x


  • Hi.

    I am considering options after the birth of my 3rd baby in about 7 weeks. I am certain I don't want anymore of my own and have considered sterilisation, but it seems so final despite me not wanting anymore kids!

    I wondered if anyone has used the implant successfully and what were the pro's and con's of using it?

    All suggestions gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance

    Leah x

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  • Thanks thudson22, I've already had a coil (mirena) and it was nothing but trouble. My periods were terribly painful and to cut a story short, I had it removed as I developed a womb infection from it, months after it had been put in - never again!! I was hoping for some feedback on the Norplant implant that goes in your arm so if anyone has any info on that, that'd be great!
  • Blimey! Sorry you had trouble with yours x
  • Hi funky, i had implanion contriceptive rod in my arm. It was a bit painful putting it in but only cause the doc didnt wait for the arm to freeze. Once its in its no bother and my periods were constant for 7 months then they stopped. This lasts for 3 years and was great, i want to get it in again after the baby is born as it was a weight off my mind. Getting it out was really easy and took 2 mins. I would definatly recommend this, much handier than the pill or condoms or the coil. Hope this helped. xxx P.s. when taken out you become fertile immediatly unlike the pill and other contriceptives. x
  • HI FUNKYRABBIT i had the implant in my arm and it was nothing but trouble i had to have it taken out as it sent me ill and i have only just had a period after 3 years and me and oh is ttc but were all different maybe it would work for you hun hope this helps love sammy xxxxx
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