parking nightmare with a difference.

the other day i went to tesco (yes i spend a lot of time there!) there was a car parked behind another car (in a p&c space) the first car was stopped at an odd angle and my first thought was they had a bump. there was a member of staff and 2 other women. it turns out the woman had been parked next to this car when she arrived there was a little girl in the back seat playing with her dolls, the lady assuming mum/dad had just run in for something went on with her shopping. after she'd done her big shop and had a brew in the cafe she went back to her car and the child was still there now crying!!!!! she went and told staff and they put out an anouncement. they were all stood round the car trying to reasuure the little girl it tuerns out her grandad had left so he could do the shopping!!! thank god for p&c space or noone might have noticed. now that is irresponsable!


  • what is wrong with some people!! i know kids can be annoying to take shopping but omg!! and he must have taken ages in there too, the poor little thing image
  • Thats disgusting! Anything could have happened to her. Some people are braindead.x
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