Anti Valentine's!

I just wanted to see if anyone else is sick of Valentine's day commercial rubbish? My OH bought me home a box of chocs the other day because he said all the other girls are going to get Valentines presents and he didn't want me to feel left out. We don't DO Vanetines. to us it's commercial rubbish made for the likes of Interflora, Thorntons and Clinton Cards. If you can't be romantic 364 days of the year, why do it on one set aside day? Last night i made a chocolate cake and scattered hundreds and thousands on it in a heart shape - his anti-valentines cake!! Are you going for the full romantic meal/flowers/card and chocolates thing or miss it out completely? I know i won't get a card, and as i have already had my chocs i don't expect anything. a nice homecooked meal snuggled up in front of the telly, nothing different from any other night, and that's how i like it.
Am i missing out? let me know what you think!


  • Hi curlyclaire! My OH is taking me 2 paris Valentines wkend however that's 4 my bday which is 20th feb. I know what u mean about all the commercial crap though. Valentines day really IS designed 2 make people spend money basically... We should start a rebellion!!
  • I completely agree, we don't do valentines either. Every year my dh says did you want to go out this valentines? I said to him, we have never been out so why would we start now. It's my sisters birthday on the 14th and when we used to go out when she was younger it was awful as we would be there laughing and joking and we would be surrounded by all these couples. Maybe I'm just a miserable old synic but i'm with you claire, i'd much rather have a nice meal and stay in. Looks like we don't have that much choice this year as we've got my neice and nephew staying who are 4 and 6 - so they will be our entertainment. Have a fab weekend k8, and a great birthday - lucky devil.xx
  • I dont like valentines either but hubby does but I think a lot of that is because he likes presents! i think its another way for shops and resteraunts etc, to make extra money! xx
  • I remember in my single days, how depressed i used to get that i had no one to take me out on valentines, and worse, i only ever got one Valentine's card from someone who wasn't my boyfriend (or my Mum - LOL) at the time. how depressing is that?! I feel sad for the single people who will feel desperate that there is no one in their lives when they are surrounded by loved-up couples celebrating Valentine's. not me or OH though! HOpe you have a really happy birthday K8! lucky you!
  • I had to laugh at this one! I have boycotted val's day all my's not val's day it's MY BIRTHDAY!! It's a day that is all about ME and no-one else!! There is no way I am going out to buy a card and present for someone else on MY BIRTHDAY!!! How rude!! (and also valentines day was a day when a bunch of people were massacred wasn't it??) LOL it should be called 'massacre your loved one day' if anything, which i'm sure wouldn't be hard to get away with it as we can blame it on our hormones!! :lol:

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    I do agree with you , I have got two friends with birthdays on valentines.
    All the best and I hope you have a nice day.
  • Thanks Anna, I'll be going out to a restaurant with my OH, my daughter and my parents....I'm sure all the other couples in the restaurant will think we're odd!
  • valentines day is a load of crap. but i probably only think that because ive never even had a card
  • Hubby and I don't do Valentines either. Why be forced into telling your OH how you feel about them, when you can do it any day of the year. I would much rather hubby say to me one evening "I'm going to take you out for dinner tonight" rather than doing it just because the day says so and the amount of mark up shops put on gifts as well. There is no way I'd spend that money when the next day it will all be reduced in the sale as they've ordered too much! A normal bunch of roses that cost ??3.99 from Tesco suddenly cost you ??9.99 - CRAZY
  • i'm doing a surprise meal in for my husband but NOT because it's valentines but because it will be our last chance of a proper meal for 4 weeks cause i got to start packing everything in our kitchen away tomorrow for a new one to be fitted, we didn't even bother with cards i don't see the point i know he loves me (most of the time lol)
  • My super romantic husband has told me that while we are up town later Ican choose my own prezzie (fair enough) and my own card (?!!?!??!!). He's working this afternoon then going straight from work to a pool match. We are trying to arrange a time when we can leave our little boy with someone and go on a "date", our first since having him and I have already bought a new dress and was talking about seeing if I can pick up some new boots coz I want to make it special, only to be told by hubby "I don't care what you wear as long as ur naked" how can someone be so shallow and so stupid all in one sentence.
  • LOL Dawnie! How romantic, going on a date! My OH cooked me a romantic meal and presented chocs on a heart shaped plate last night! i said i thought we weren't doing Valentines? he was like 'it's not Valentines yet is it??' silly pratt! i do luv him though, so sweet and romantic - nothing to do with Valentines - oh nooooo!!
  • hi
    im going to be the first one to be different then as i think valentines is a great way to show someone u love oh got me strawberries and champagne,clothes and 18 red roses and i must admit that with 3 kids to run around after i am not going to give up the chance to be spoilt.long live feb 14th lol
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