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Anyone have any christmas pressy ideas? I'm so useless!

Hi ladies!

I really should start my christmas shopping soon but am so bad at choosing presents.
Does anyone have any ideas? What are good staple presents?!

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you,

Amy xxx


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  • Not sure if these are really staples but so far I've decided on thermals for my dad as he works outdoors, a bright pink lady shaver for my sis as she's into all things pink, and a paint-your-own umbrella kit for my best friend! We've asked my parents for a framed OS map of the area we live in for our newly decorated lounge.
  • Oh wow they sound fab!!
    I'm loving the OS map, any ideas where you'd get it from? I've been searching the net but not really finding anything?! xx
  • For my female family i have made them all a personalised hamper. I bought small wicker baskets and for my mum and mil put in a little bottle of wine, pajamas, candles and bath stuff. For my sis i did a 'night in' one with pajamas, dvd, wine, popcorn and sweets, for SIL did a cristiano ronaldo one and for other SIL did a baking one with cook books, chefs hat and cookie cutters.

    I always find it hard to buy for men! I always get them aftershave or gadgets.
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