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Starting labour

Hi girls,

Kristy is getting fed up now and has tx me asking me to ask you girls for tips to start labour. Obviously she is in hospital so is limited on what she can do. She says no sex, and limited on what she can eat.

So far i have suggested raspberry leaf tea, birthing ball, and walking. She says she can try walking and is also going to try the birthing ball now, but doesnt have any raspberry leaf tea to drink.

So any other ideas would be great!!! image



  • The poor thing, she must be so frustrated!!

    Someone suggested Pineapple to me when i was having Cameron, not the kind of thing you'd have lying around next to your bed though image!!

    I'll keep thinking

  • yes i was suggested that too, although i was told you would have to eat 7 whole ones a day for it to have any effect. She is limited though to what she can eat as she doesnt have anything in with her. Poor thing is also feeling lonely because the other women have partners with them.
  • How could you possibly eat 7 whole pineapple's in 1 day?? image

    Sending her a huge hug, it must be so hard going through it alone

  • Thanks Dawn i will tell her you send a hug too, i have told her all the girls are thinking of her!
  • where has ray gone?

    and god i dont know so i cant help but i can ask my sis image she might know X

  • this is what my sister has said sex,spicey food, drinking olive oil, lots of walking o and drink green tea X
  • Thanks Breah i will pass it on, although i think food and sex is out of the question.
  • she could always try the sex but it wouldnt be very nice for people to see LOL X
  • Kristy says thanks for the tips. x

  • Hope she finds something that works!!

    I'm off to bed now, hopefully she'll have some news for us in the morning!!

  • i hope somethink works for her soon X
  • I asked the same questions of my midwife and they suggested the nipple tweeking thing, but that didn't work for me, just made my nipples sore.  They also, anecdotally and not seriously, they were very firm on that, said that gin works...  I am NOT suggesting anyone tries it, just that my midwives told me it worked for one of their other ladies.
  • Drinking oil isn't a good idea, all it will do is give her the runs which is the last thing she needs!!!

    I think she just has to play the waiting game!!!

  • Poor girl

    It does sound like shes very limited on being able to do much to bring on labour, is she able to get out of bed for a walk that can help. Also i think the nipple tweaking thing helped bring mine on slightly i think it stimulates a hormone that helps with labour.

    Feel free to give her my number karen so she has someone else to text and pass the time!!!

    Please send her my love xx

  • I will send her all your love.

    She has tx me this morning to say she is very fed up, she had contractions last night again. The midwife agrees she was in labour but they stopped when the doctor examined her. She wanted to go home but the doctor has advised her to stay in. They dont want to risk giving her a section unless she is in true labour so they are going to keep a close eye on her this weekend.

    The doctor who saw her thinks it will happen this weekend and is hoping it will as he wants to do the section. Ray and the kids are going in to see her at 12 today, she is really missing the kids but Ray is whining about going in to see her.

    Tasha i will text her your number, and the other labour staring tips that everyone has given. xx

  • Blimey i think theres only one word i ould say about Ray right now then and that's too rude to write here!image

    How can he moan about taking his children into see their mother??? Arghhhh!

    Poor girl, hope its all over soon and she's home with all kiddies very soon xxxxxxx

  • OMG that man needs such a kick up the a**e, now isn't the time to be thinking about himself image

    I'll give her a text later to see how she's getting on

  • Poor cow,

    Squats are good(kinda like on a birthing ball)as it opens the pelvis up.

  • get the midwife to do a sweep or break her waters what r they doin at that hospital surely with all the pressure midwives r under they would want the bed and would do this as she is fed up sendin love x 
  • Can't think of any other tips think the girls have suggested the lot. Please wish her well from me too Karen x Pauline
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