Mix tapes

Did anyone used to make these for friends etc?? We found one this afternoon that I made for you hubbie when we were first going out about 7 years ago so we have had a lovely trip down memory lane listening to it! All those songs that had really meaning - aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww the memories!

It was fab! image


  • We still make playlists for each other...the modern version, I guess! In fact, we've just been making one full of songs that make us think of baby!
  • god yes! i remember making a few of them.

    one got to 3 cds long *blushes*

    i always used to do a cpoy for them and one for me so i knew what i had done.

    aww the memories......

  • i used to do it too, long time ago xx
  • Did you ever used to play, stop, rewind, play, stop, rewind to learn the words to a song????
  • i remember sat taping the top twenty as a teenager you could here the click when you stopped the record whilst they were talking..
  • oh the memories of tapes!
  • he he scubavic - least i'm not the only one - how funny - sunday evenings are not the same now
  • We have just moved and when we emptied the loft of the old house found loads of top 20 tapes had a good old giggle listening to some of them.
    Most of them had been brought by me from my parents that i had spent sunday nights taping seven oclock was always the time for number one in the charts..
    They were all pre 1992 as thats when hubby and i bought our first house.
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