tips for setteling my 3 wk old son during the day

my son seems to settle quiet well at night but come day time just wants to stay awake all day which makes for a very unhappy baby and mum who cant get anything done ( my son wont stop crying during day unless he is held)


  • I'd recommend a swaddle blanket, swinging chair and/or vibrating seat. These all worked wonders on my kids!
  • when it was time to go to bed i swaddled my lil un, i also had a winnie the pooh lights show and i found that if i played that to him he fell asleep fine. he reconised the same piece of music and it sent him to sleep evertime! might be worth a try. xx
  • have you tried a sling? i use a freedom sling and can do stuff handsfree and babe doesnt cry as still with me xx
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