Favourite takeaway or fast food?

I think I would have to say Chinese - LOVE IT image but am also partial to a pizza.

Anyone else?


  • MMMmmmmm pizza, ham and pinnapple!

    we are having takeaway tonight not sure what but thinking KFC (bucket natually, between 2 of us !!!!!!!!!)

  • oh lucky you kel!!! I would love a takeaway tonight but think hubbie is gonna cook for me. I did order ice cream on our teco delivery that is arriving tonight though so I will have that - Ben and jerry's phish food or caramel chew chew or more likely both!
  • BOTH!!

    we are only having takeaway because i forget to buy chicken (good excuse HUH!)

  • v good excuse - unfortunately I did remember to get the chicken out of the freezer this morning so figure we should use it!!
  • Don't say anything about burgers. I really could eat one now. I've had a craving for meat the last week or so and usually i dont eat alot of meat except for chicken cos im not that keen on most things. But fav takeaway would have to be indian.

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  • Curry or Thai for me though I can eat all the other kinds. Had cravings for chinese last week and had to same meal twice in three days. DH sold his old phone and laptop today though so we are taking away tonight too. Still waiting for a final decision as to what we're having from him though.

    Am getting v hungry now though (and fancy keema dopiaza or pad thai so hope he comes to the correct decision and SOON!)

  • Chinese I could eat it nearly everyday and that ain't a pregnancy craving! Picked up one last night on the way home from aqua natal, after the 45min workout I thought I desrved it! (Not that i need an excuse!)x
  • If I get a chinese i order roast duck, sweet n sour sauce and egg fried rice lovely. But i've really gone off all takeaway food at the mo, it makes me feel too full and crap and unhealthy after.
    I love ben and jerrys cookies dough.
    Before I got pg with felicity almost 2yrs ago i was eating mcdonalds nearly every day but havent had a single one since!!
    I was 11stone pre pg and now just under 10stone which is really good for me.
    You cant beat a portion of chips from my local chippy though they are to die for.
  • I got my curry image happy person...
  • chinese, indian, thai, chippy, pizza, and special kebab......
    on sundays I do a roast :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Definately Thai for me!! King Prawn green curry is my favourite dish in the world!! Think I'll have to give in and have some tonight cos my mouth is watering at the thought!
  • well mine used to be pizza.. till we moved to a new area in the summer and nowhere here does good pizzas... so now my fav has to be indian.. could eat a korma everynight lol
    caz xx


  • RED THAI CURRY .........mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

    Mrs WBxxxxxx
  • i always have sweet and sour chicken from the chinese, but i love mcdonalds and kfc Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!
  • It has to be a Chinese. I went off Chinese when I was pregnant and I was so annoyed. I wouldn't let anyone eat it in my house because I really wanted one but just could not stomach it. Typical going off something you really love. However now I am making up for it and enjoying my Chinese when I get one which is alot more often than I did before I was pregnant. Ah well I have 9 months of Chinese to make up for.
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