tv this weekend

well.. anyone watch doctor who? how sexy is david tennant?!!!
when he was in the cage he looked like a cute bald monkey.
and saving the world in coverses.. magical!!!
but now hes the last time lord again and he'll be all lonely like he was before.. i would love to keep him company!
back at christmas with the bloody titanic!
i really dont think i can wait that long.

then theres supernatural. also last episode of the season. i havent watched it yet but im sure i will cry!
saw an advert for it the other day that said summit like the last time the brothers are together. jut that made me nearly cry!
i cried when their dad died. and the same week i had seen him die as denny in greys anatomy. i cried even more watchin that.. think it was for about an hour!

greys anatomy on thursday.. woman with 2 uteruses. funny stuff!
izzy now has $8.7 million from denny.

anyone watch the concert for diana thing? werent too bad. bit cheesey. but they love their mum and its her birthday so fair enough
duran duran make me laugh. well not them really.. my aunt wh cried when simon le bon got married.. bastard ruined not only her xmas but her whole life!

i cant remember anything else ive watched this weekend now.
anyone watch anythin else?

im so sad!

oh and i just remembered. in doctor who martha went to bexley.
she didnt come and see me while she was here tho! :lol:


  • My God jaynie! you have way too much time on your hands! Just kiddin! Wish i had the time instead of gettin ready for the weddin and trying to move house and being preggers all at the same time! Im just a jelous cow! Hows Jack? hows he been sleepin?
  • hes good. health visitors just been and his hearing is fine and now hes 7lb 2
    hes sleepin alright. just cant waittil he sleeps right thru the night!
    ive got a bloody headache and it wont go away.
  • Have you took anything for it yet? Headaches are the biggest pain in the arse during pregnancy and prob much worse when the baby arrives, cant imagine the lack of sleep and crying helpin the whole thing! Glad the wee man is doing well and hes a good weight! Even when he does sleep all night you will probably be up checking him to be sure hes ok! Go and put your feet up and rest yourself, see if the headach goes, could just be over-tired. x
  • ye im gonna try goin to sleep for a little while. as long as jack doesnt wake up for a while. problem is he likes cuddles. but i dont wanna fall asleep holdin him coz i think i'll drop him or sqash him or summit!
  • Aaahhh! Wish you could pass him over here then id nurse him for you! He just looks so cute, i cant wait for the next 17 1/2 weeks to fly by so i get my own, seems an eternity away. x
  • my son pissed on his face again last night!
    think it might have gone in his mouth hahaha

    stitches are startin to get better now. still hurts standin up for more than a minute but walking is gettin better! :\)
  • Ok, i take it back, im not really lookin forward to the whole stitches and am terrified of havin a bucket fanny. [sorry if tmi!] I know this is probably stupid but big fear that after the baby is born that i will never want sex again! Am i bein paranoid? how long does it take for everything to go back to the way it was before the birth? Poor wee man, just be glad that hes not peein in your mouth! LOL xxx
  • haha like in the film with dew barrymore. i nearlyh wet myself when i saw that coz i thought,, no one has boys in my family anymore!

    i think im atually a freak.. i want sex again and hes not even 3 weeks old!
    but its only one person ive even thought about havin sex with.. unlike sometimes bein pregnant most people i knew wouldnt have minded.. haha

    and funnily enough its not my ex!
  • I dont think your a freak! There is nothin as appealing to a man as a woman who can match their sex drive! Just runnin out of ideas for new positions as im gettin really big now and its bloody awkward! Im just suprised that my OH even wants it as im big for 5 months. Ah well, maybe i will be one of the lucky ones that will still want and get sex up to the bitter end, dependin on wither my OH still wants it that is! [If not i do think i would resort to druggin him with viagra and tying him to the bed and havin my wicked way wither he likes it or not!] LOL x
  • bloody ell! its gone from dr who to shaggin! lol
    thinkin of both christopher eccleston does it 4 me more than david tennant.
    and i wish i thought of tyin my bf up and givin viagra i only got as far as tryin 2 get him pissed enough 2 stop him worryin id go in to labour!
  • hahaha. ok. you have christopher eccleston and i will have david tennant! hes so sexy. savin the world in many different pairs of converse all stars!
    now he just needs to get the pink ones and we can match!

    i cant believe catherine tate is gonna be his new bitch! why didnt he pick me?!?!?!?!?!?!

    haha oh my this film actually contains an arguement because someone acused the guy shaggin chickens!!!

    is it wrong that the person i want sex with is only 16? hes 17 soon (im 19.) haha
  • ok u have tennant, lol dont know about shaggin 16yr old though coz u gotta remember boys mature a lot slower than girls emotionaly and it maybe he just after 1 thing?
    and as 4 converse they r costin me a fortune! diff colours and textures! in my day ya just had a blk pair and wore em with cut off jeans ( nirvana/pearl jam style) my big lo takes it 2 another level, lol
    and she keeps nickin mi cd,s!
    soz that turned into a bit of a rant!!.
  • Hi Jaynie, i agree with Kirst with the fact that he might be only after one thing but if your happy with that then go for it! Im the worst person at givin advice. If you just wanna shag but no ties then why not if hes happy enough with that too. I got a copy of the kama sutra last night at my hen party so if you wanna lend of it then just shout as i doubt i will be fit for any of them with this bump! I swear i had to turn the book at all sorts of different angles and still didnt know what they were at! [And i thought i was a sex goddess!!!!] LOL x
  • dont u need a yoga degree 4 most of positions in that? lol. x
  • haha ye. i know he will probably just want sex. but thats fine with me haha.
    i do believe to do the positions f the karma sutra you dont need a yoga degree.. you just needto remove all of your ribs and posibly your spine too!
  • if i removed those i would lose few pounds and b better at sex! double bonus!lol
  • Oh God this is all so appealin! Think it would just be easier to drug OH and then i can shag him without havin to remove my spine! Jaynie you go for it with this guy if thats what you want, i swear if OH dosnt give it to me soon i might want his number!!!
  • hahaha your funny
    ive got plenty of numbers for people that wouldnt say no!

    i just realised how slutty that sounds!
  • I dont think it sounds slutty, i think i just sound like a sex-starved hormonal pregnant blimp! I have convinced OH that tonight i need a massage as my backs sore, hope that puts the notion in his head and maybe then i wont need your little black book!LOL.
  • hahaha. who needs a little black book when i've got a little orange phone?!
    im a sex starved hormonal recently pregnant bitch!
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