what would u do?

aw bless its a hard 1, have u thought of goin pt? also not sure how mat leave works if u get preggers again,could b worth checkin out if u still get the same mat leave and pay, soz not much help hope u find a way. xx


  • Hi.
    im just lookin 4 some advice really. Here goes...
    I have a 3 month old boy. pregnancy was great, the labour wasnt to bad.
    The trouble is soon i will have to think about returnin to work. im a nursery nurse.
    the thing is we have stated to think about tryin for another baby.
    i dont know what to and i feel that my decision now is to affect our future.
    the problem is money.
    if i go back full-time my ds would be in nursery full-time.
  • pt looks likely. but evenin or weekends, which means not seein my dh.
    i will find out if its the same. i think there was another post about it.

    the thing is, say i go back full time, ds will be in nursery full time, but i dont know how i feel about this, i work in a nursery so altough he will be in the same buildin. i feel that i will still miss some of his developments.
    also when i was workin before i felt that there view of me changed just because i was pregnant.
    so im not sure i want to go back to that.
    also because i had a good pregnance, how do i know whether the next one will be the same.
    and i came of the pill and it took us 10 mths to conceieve so im not sure how long it will take.
    if i have trouble conceivin i would feel that i put my son in nursery full time for nothing.
    i also feel a bit selfish that i would like another child.
    plus we would also like to move in2 a house. we live in a 2 bed flat. so im thinkin what will happen when i have another child and the mat leave finnish.

    sorry about spellin. have to go and do a lot of thinkin.

  • I am in similar situation but have decided to go back to work full time and hope that I catch quickly so I can have another spell of mat leave and go part time after that. If I dn't catch quickly I will be really upset and already stressing!!
  • hi if your a qualified nursery nurse have you thought about becoming a childminder then you get to look after your own kids while being paid to look after others?? its what i intend to do after this one is born .you need to check your local regs about how any under 3 's you can have though
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