i am always broke & looking for freebies and i was sent a link from my mate for a website for free nappies & avent baby stuff. Im 7 months pregnant and am still buying all my bits so all these bits will save me buying them.

One for the nappies

One for the Avent bottles

Hope this is some halp to someone.


  • Arrggghhhhhhhh!
    Just bog off with these flipping websites!!!!
  • is this just a load of crap then? cos i followed the link in another forum and signed up for it, have i just been a divvy bitch?
  • i signed with next aswell and it still said i need to complete an offer at first but when i just checked it now it says offers complete.Think it needs time to acknowledge it.Although i still dont know if it works because no one has used me link AND completed their offer yet.

    charlie x 11+2
  • what i don't understand is i ordered some books and it said they were on the way but i didn't pay for them????????????
  • just wait and see if they turn up,did you give any card details? I have a feeling none of it actually works lol.

    charlie x 11+3
  • I've done a couple for nappies and for free avent stuff, but have received nothing! Think it is all a marketing ploy..but saying that I'm not receiving any unwated emails! But I've given up expecting anything.
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