New puppy is baby... for now!


Just wanted to show off our new puppy as shown in my aviator! She is a 8 week old West Highland Terrier and we got her home yesterday. She is wonderful, even if DH was up with her for most of the night.... hehe.

We are in our 1st month of TTC to she will keep us busy and our minds off the obvious for the first couple of months, at least... :\)



  • She's lovely!
    I know it sounds silly but it'll really prepare you for having a baby! We've got a 3 year old Bassett Hound and when he was a puppy he cried all night for 9 days so we had very little sleep! Also, he got us used to not being able to just go out whenever we wanted as we always had to think about him and how long he'd been left for!
    Enjoy your little puppy and best of luck ttc!
  • I want a puppy too...

    I've always had dogs and think its important for children to have a pet (we'll have to put the pet in quarrentine when we return to the UK). When I was a baby I was frequently found asleep in the dog's bed LOL.

    Hoping my new landlord will allow a dog or cat (or both if DH has his way).

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