What can you wear after the birth?

Hi All!

A bit of light-hearted girliness... I am due on the 16th Dec and if I have the baby, what can I expect to fit into for Xmas & NY? This is my first and I have no idea what to expect... what on earth happens to all this belly?? Will I even want to dress up or just hideaway!!??!?!




  • gem just think it will depend on when you have l/o, if you go 2 weeks over you could give birth new years eve!!! i was 8 months pg last xmas but luckily those leggings were in fashion and long tops so not too bad.
    as for what happens to you belly, lol! just depends on the person, i'd go for long tops or dresses that'll cover up image
    good luck with l/o and with your `shopping xx
  • I didnt feel like dressing up, I went all mumsy, big mistake looking back, wont do that again.
    You'll prob want to wear clothes that you wore when you were 4/5months pg, not yet ready for maternity clothes but growing out of your pre pg clothes. Your belly will prob be squiggy and look chubby for a bit. You definalty wont be able to wear your pre pg clothes for first couple months! x x
  • my lo was due 17th last year, was born christmas day! new years eve i wore my nightie and support socks (had c section) very glamours.
  • BIG PANTS! lol. xx
  • I think Fiona has it pretty right. I think you should expect to still be in maternity trousers and probably be a size bigger in tops. Though it all depends on how much weight you've put on through your pregnancy, I put on about 3 stone and thats how I ended up. When LO was about 2 months I was wearing trousers a size bigger as well.
  • mmmmmmmmm - i fitted into my normal clothes after going home from hosptal, i just squeezed my jelly belly into my jeans lol!

    you probably wont want to go out, i didn't even tho i had a night out planned and everything, i cancelled because i couldn't be away from baby, still cant and he is 6 month old!

    if your breaqst feeding expect everything to go back pretty quickly! i put on 2 stone during pregnancy, and have lost 3 and i thank breast feeding!

    Good luck with baby and hope you have a good labour, its not as hard as you think xx
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