anyone from suffolk?


Im in essex at the moment but are mving to suffolk next week. im a little worried as i have been told while house hunting that we will have trouble settling in as we are not from suffolk. I do not want my little 'un to be singled out at school (bit early as he is only 7 months) because he is not from there. We will be treated ok and accepted? I understand there are lots of americans in the brandon/lakenheath/mildenhall area so will they be more receptive? Am i worrying over nothing?:\?


  • I think u will b fine i live in norfolk very clicky here gotta laugh at the ha ya got a lyte boy, hard to take anyone seriously when talk like a farmer lol.It is different in suffolk they hav def moved with the times more im sure given time u will settle in lovely x
  • i am from Suffolk, people seem to have the idea that 'locals' aren't receptive to new people moving in. as long as you are freindly they should welcome you, like anyone really. don't think you will be considered a local until you have lived there for at least 15years though!! i think that people with kids are easier to get to know too. good luck, suffolk is a fab place to live.
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