Work Christmas Party...

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to avoid being found out at my work christmas party. I'm 5 weeks pregnant so don't want to start telling everyone yet but they will know something is up if I don't have a drink as I'm usually the life and soul of the party!!

Any suggestions are most welcome

Goodluck to all you pregnant ladies and mums.


  • This was my problem last year!! I didn't bother with the whole "I'm on anti-biotics' cos I knew people would see through it! I told one of my friends from work that I was pg and sat next to her at the meal, she alternated drinking the wine from my glass and hers and every now and then I pretended to be drinking from m glass. When we moved on after the meal, I just made sure I always had a full glass (of diet coke) in my hand so that when people offered to buy me a drink I could say I had one - I made out I was drinking vodka and coke and just acted as normal, by the time people realised I wasn't falling over drunk they were too drunk to think anything of it!
    Good luck
  • could you drive?? that way you obviously cant drink. you might even be able to offer some people a lift and make a couple of ???? petrol money!
  • ive had to go with the antibotic story as i couldnt think of anything else...

    bearing in mind im usually never seen without a glass of wine in my hand the rumour mill has gone into overdrive.

    i think people will always speculate no matter what 'story' you come up with.

    this must be the worst time of year to try and disguise a pregnancy!!!
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