????? any ideas

hiya im overdue hoping i won't take till wednesday (next appointment) its a week over then anyone got any ideas what i can say to try n get them to induce me asap xx


  • I found the old wives tales didnt work for me, but with my 1st I was booked for induction but a shopping trip in the town for several hours started me off in the end... my waters went early hours the following morning and contractions started immediately after that.
  • i just found very long walks do the job so shopping would probably work i overdid it shopping last week and had really strong braxton hicks all evening but i was only 36 weeks at the time so baby not ready to come out yet but it might kick off labour if your overdue.....anita xx
  • nikki01, just re-read your post and realised you are asking what you should say so they will induce you! I don't have any ideas on that I'm afraid but I would suggest you dont ask TBH, people who I know had inductions did not like them and they ended up having lengthy labours. I believe its better to go into spontaneous labour personally, although I can understand how you feel, my 1st was 11 days late!!
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