given up work to look after baby...any benefits available???

Anyone know if you are entitled to any benefits if you have chosen to leave work after your maternity leave to bring up your baby?? Thanks for your help!!


  • It depends on your circumstances really mazza74, ie, are you single or do you have an OH who works? The best thing to look at is the jobcentreplus website and website which wil give you a run down of what to expect. There's a chance of tax credits, income support, housing/council tax benefit etc so it's well worth getting it checked over. Your job centre will be able to tell you exactly what you qualify for so apply and see what happens.
  • Thank you for that, I will look into that tomorrow. Unfortunately just as I handed my notice in at work my husband got made redundant, so deffo going to look into what you have suggested.
  • hi, sorry the oh redundancy timing coulda bin better. u should b entiteled 2 income support and child tax credit also healthy start tokens which u can exchange 4 milk (fresh or formula) and fresh fruit and veg all of wich should b payable from the date u claim so sooner the better so it is back dated.if u go job center 2 do all this they will fast track it so u dont have 2 wait 2 long.hope all goes well 4 u. xx
  • Also the Sure Start grant if you receive benefits. You can apply for that up until your baby is 3 months old and is worth one payment of ??500 so well worth it!
  • hi, if you go to your local CAB office they will tell you everything you need to know, we found them very helpful, they put all your info into their computer and it comes up with what you are intitled to and will even help you apply.

    hope this is helpful

    amanda xx
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