help! i promise i will never drink again. how many times have i said those words! left lo with oh and went out with the girls to watch the football, didnt get in till 12.15am! i've been sick and everything, i feel awful. i blame that 6th shot of sambuka


  • oh no. feel for you. i havent had much of a drink since lo was born but it my sisters hen night next week then ive got party week after then sister gets married week after that. really dreading hangover but looking forward to having a drink. why cant they invent something for us mums to stop the hangover. i keep saying im not going to have much but i know once im out there it will be a different story.xx
  • Hi Susie...i went out saturday night with some friends for a much needed reunion, left lo with oh too. I got back home 230am, i stopped drinknig at midnight but my god i felt ill sunday morning. For some reason i was drinking spiced rum and lemonade never had it before but it was so nice (at the time) i then cooked a roast chicken sunday afternoon and felt a lot better after that x
  • i have a hang over 2 image
    I stupidly drank 2 bottles of wine last night with oh as i was upset with him and thought it might make me feel better! i dont bloody feel better this morning, i havent been sick but feel like i want to be and have a banging head. I also had to drag my ass out of bed at 5:50am to get kids up and ready for school. i do feel like saying i will never drink again but i always say that and always do lol
    My friend swears by warm flat lemonade to get rid of a dodgy tum after a few too many. never tried it but think i might today.
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