travel and injections

hello, im new to this site and am hoping to concieve next year as i get married in 4 weeks!
i was owndering if anyone new how safe it is to concieve fater having travel injections,i have had hep a.thypoid and diptheria,tetnus and poilo last week and my nurse didnt no,which was odd in itself.


  • if you are trying to conceive or could be pregnant, you are recommended not to have your travel injections. I was due my 12 month booster (to give 10 year immunity) of my travel injections last August and when I said to the nurse I COULD (boy i didnt realise i was!) be pregnant and wouldnt know till next period, she said I couldnt have them until i knew. She said if i wasnt pregnant, i could come back and have my jab in couple of weeks. Turns out I was, she said that was a cowards way to get out of my further injections! image
    Another word of warning, you can't take malaria tabs. We were in Sri Lanka when I found out i was actually pregnant and having checked the warnings, decided coastal resort was a low risk anyway. However, i still got bitten very badly, had bad reaction to the bites, AND i couldnt take anything for them! (No antihistamines when pregnant!) :\(
  • the thing is my nurse hadnt a cluw how long i would have to wait after my travel injections, i have already had them.
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