have finally got round to putting the comforters on ebay.

I have put them on for buy it now for 4.00 and on a bid starting from 99p.

see what happens from there. fingers crossed.

I have had a few requests from my mates friend that she would love the cars one but with satin on the back . got me thinking that maybe i should try them too.


  • If people are requesting them then I'd agree its worth giving them a go - hope they sell xx
  • Thanks. xx

    Keeping my fingers crossed! lol

  • Gosh, £4 seems very cheap Debz, are you making anything off that, there must be quite a lot of work involved?!!

     Hope they sell well for you xxx

  • does 4.00 seem cheap then? lol

  • Personally i think so, what size are the blankets?

    I paid £10 for a tiny taggy!

    Can you piost the link to yours on ebay? i'll take a look then compare the prices to others on there!!! image

  • 250270397519 is the item number

    im just waiting for my embroidery machine to come then i can offer personalized ones. have just sold a girls one whilst typing this messgae . 

    soooo pleased !!! image

  • Luka's got a personalised one with his d.o.b on too, I think it was £15.99!! So def charge more for them. The satin backed ones would be lovely too! Good luck debz xx
  • i agree with the girls but they are nice
  • That is gorgeous Debz!

    A real bargain too, you should charge more!!!!

    I would like a girls one for Bronwyn!!!!

  • That looks great.  Definitely worth more than £4.


  • Debs I agree with the girls, you need to ask a bit more for one of them - they are lovely image
  • That's fab one has sold debz, someones got a bargain there! When my SIL has her baby, i would definitely like a satin backed personalised one please!!!! (not until Jan though)!!!!! xx xx
  • they are so cute but like the others said too cheap!!

    Are you doing any unisex ones???? i have 3 people i know who are pregnant and i would love to get them a little gift

  • Thanks for the compliments.

    how much do you think i should put the rest up for on ebay? im just about to put the rest of the ones i finished today up.

  • Definitely start around £8ish or £7. Hve you sold many yet hun?
  • heya huni like everyone else has said you are selling them a bit cheap id say around about £7+ you do a fabulous job on them so you deserve to make somethink out of them and you best still be doing them by the time i have a baby hehe and you will have your embroidery machine by then image and i will be buying some of you hehe glad you have sold one already image

    o and dont forget you have to post them how much are you charging for that? or are you not?

  • If you did free P&P with a starting price of £7 people would jump at them as to buy a branded one they are at least £10 plus £2 P&P!!!!

    I would love one for the new baby but you would have to be sworn to secrecy if I did buy one!!!!! image

  • lol Caroline, why won't you say?? I couldn't find out and keep it a secret as im so useless!!
  • Debz they are lovely, but i agree they should be a little more. It's great you have sold one though and sounds like people love them too. How long do they take you to make?
  • try www.peechoo.co.uk    do lovely ones there image
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