Hi Trazi

Hi hun your still a young mum at 40 whats the saying (life begins at 40!) lol How long you been living in Durham? Im from Bridlington Riginaly from Doncaster but been in Brid for 11 years now. How long you got left being pregnant im currently 29wks and first baby he is a boy lol and im 26 years old. luv sarah. xxx


  • Hi Sarah, thanks for your reply, you really cheered me up. I' will be 40 in Sept, just before baby number three is born. I don't know what it is at mo, well apart from hormones!!! I just keep panicking and think will my kids think I'm really old. I've never even thought about it before, maybe it's because my little boy will be starting school in September too. I even feel guilty about admitting that this is how I'm feeling. I don't look my age (well sometimes ) but the last few weeks I have thought about it a lot. I'm so happy to be pregnant again as I had a miscarriage in August. I'm only 10 weeks so a bit to go but things seem to be going ok. Can't wait for scan in 2 weeks. I was born in Durham but have travelled quite a bit , we live in Holland part of the year but have returned to Durham atleast until December. You must be so excited about baby. Have you thought of any names? Love Tracy
  • Hi Tracy stop worrying hun everything will be ok.lol. Im so sorry to hear about your miscarriage but fingers crossed for this one, hope everything goes ok with the scan in two weeks. I havent thought about names coz everyone i pick o/h dosent like it so i think i will leave it up to him lol. plus im only 29+3 so plenty of time yet. I recently went on one of those weekend dashes to Amsterdam for my o/h birthday and totaly didnt want to come home never been to Holland tho must be a nice place. Take care and bubs love sarah. xxxxxxx
  • Hi Sarah,
    yep Amsterdam is really great. So laid back and relaxed. We live near the Hague which is a weee bit less laid back but still nice. Thanks for your words, I'm sure all will be fine feeling loads more positive and looking forwards to the 12th for scan. Names are tricky with our first we kept saying a name and one of us would go naahh until by complete accident we said a name and both went... Yeaahhhh. Hope all is well, love Tracy
  • Hi trazi, were ok thanks. Glad to hear your feeling more positive good for you hun lol. Please let me know how it goes after you had your scan hope everything is ok. love and hugs sarah. xxx
  • Hi Sarah,
    had scan today and all was fab!!! Amazing. Baby is fine and they have brought EDD forwards to 18th of September. I am now deemed as low risk which is great but I hadn't treally thought about it as I was just so anxious to see my baby!!!!! How are things with you and bump??? Hope all is well, lots of love Tracy xxx
  • Hi, Oh im so pleased everything went ok with the scan. im in abit of a stress mode at the mo im currently 31+4 and been told that my little baby boy is breech i know i shouldnt worry and he still has time to turn but you expect everything to be ok but then it all turns wrong sorry to go on just abit upset at the mo i just want him to turn. xxxxxxx
  • Hi Sarah,
    oh I'm sorry you must be anxious, it is worrying but please don't worry. At my 38 week appointment with Max my first, all was going well apart from having ankles the size of elephants!!! (Thankfully did not re occur with Dylan) They couldn't work out which way he was and they thought he was breech, mid wives, drs., students anybody passing in general was feeling and trying to find out. Suddenly people were talking about caesarean and all my choices, etc seemed to be taken away fro me. I was sooo upset. I went for a scan and all was fine, head in correct place, he just had a boney bum i think.
    It is stressful and I do know how you feel but please don't worry and I'm sure your lovely boy will turn when he's ready. He's probably just feeling comfortable where he is.
    love Tracy xxx
  • Hi Tracy thats really helped hope he turns before time comes coz i really dont want to have a caesarean. xxx thank you!! sarah. xxx
  • Hi Sarah,
    just wondered how you were feeling? Hope all is well with you and bump. Tracy xxx
  • Hi Sarah,
    hope all is well, love Tracy
  • Hi Tracy, I haven't heard from her in a couple weeks!! I know she was moving house and also she didn't have long left. I hope she's ok??? Hope your well too. xxxxx
  • Hi Candygirl, thanks for info. She's probably run off her feet with a house move. Tell her I'm asking after her if you hear anything. I'm fine, almost 19 weeks now and little one becoming more active. How are you doing? xxx
  • Hi Trazi, still not heard anything!!! Have you?? I really hope she's ok and is just settling in at her new house and I'm sure her baby is here by now as well. Hope your ok xxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Candygirl, no I havn't heard anything. I'm sure all will be ok, she's probably soooo busy. Maybe internet probs etc. Hope you are well. Let me know if you do hear anything and also how things are going for you. Take care Tracy xxx
  • Hi Trarcy and Candygirl sorry i havent spoken to you both in a while but had to get a new computer and with the move aswell been so busy iv had my baby on the 20th May iv called him Kyle. Hope you both are ok hope to speak soon love to you both sarah xxxxx
  • Hi Sarah, good to hear from you. Congratulations on your little one. He looks like a sweetie and great name. Well Joel arrived v. quickly the day before my 40th, so really made my birthday!!!! He is five months old now and a star, his big bros love him to pieces too!!! Hope all well and look forwards to catching up with you.
    Love Tracy xxx
  • Hi Tracy happy birthday for your 40th and congrats on your little one2 what a great birthday present tho im really pleased that your other two get on with him joel is a great name 2. my partner is all ready talking about number 2 baby but iv told 2 wait men are so impatiant lol best thing is they dont have to go through with the pain giving birth lol xx well im gunna have to love ya and leave ya Kyle just woke up speak soon love sarah p.s hope you are all ok t.care hun. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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