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young and scared

hi im 20 and 22+6 pregnant, this baby is my 1st and as its getting closer to the birth date im getting scared but excited at the same time, ne1 ever felt like this? i will worry when my baby is actually here because i wont know if im feeding him right or looking after him right x


  • im the same but im only 17 and im 24+5 4 and i worrie all the time as i get close to my due date but i cant wait for her to get here and i no i have all the help and support i need so i have nothing to be scared of x
  • Hi lilprincess
    Don't be scared, honestly you'll be fine.
    You do worry at first that you aren't doing things right but you'll get the hang of things really quickly.
    Its a little bit daunting the first time your alone withyour baby but It will come to you naturally trust me, within a few weeks you'll be in the swing of things and your confidence will grow with time. Your midwife and health visitor are on hand should you have any questions and don't be affraid to ask that is what they are there for.
  • hey u av nothing 2 be scared of there is no right or wrong way of bringing up a child u av 2 bring your child up how you want he or she 2 turn out + its all about learning and everybody has different ways of bringing up there children.:\)
  • i was like that two, but honestly the mother instincts kick in as soon as your little one has arrived. And the nurses etc are there to help with breastfeeding etc, so dont worry, your not going to be expected to know how to do everything straight away, Good luck sweetie, im sure youll be fine image
  • Hi i was 19 when i had my little girl amelia 9weeks ago. I felt very lonely and scared coming up 2 the final weeks before the birth but there is no point getting stressed out about it, i made a birth plan but it went out the window as soon as the pain started coming and i opted for an epidural in the end which was the best decision i made. Once you hold your baby for the 1st time you'll feel overjoyed and motherly instincts will just take over and you'll know excactly what 2 do. If you need 2 talk just e-mail me on [email protected] Take care Emily and baby Amelia
  • Hi i'm 16 and i'm 20+2 and i'm scared but I think every mum no matter what age will have doubts and plus our hormones are all over the place but i'm sure we will both be fine and I am part of a healthcare programme for young mum's where a health visitor visits me regularly through my pregnancy and until my baby is 2 years old to help me along the way and support me which i'm finding really helpful already and it is to change people's views on young mum's and to show that we can be good mums too x
  • i am 20 and 6 and a half months pregnant! i was actually really worried abt babies health and still am till now! Before i found out i"m expecting i used to smoke and drink every weekend! I obviously stopped all alcohol and cigarettes as soon as i found out
  • hi.
    i am 21 and have 3 kids my youngest was born 5 weeks ago.
    i just thought id say that any first time mum gets scared its normal, after all having a little baby depend on you for everything is a little daunting!
    i had my first at 16 and i tbh i was absolutley petrified. all i knew was that i loved my unborn baby more than life its self.
    My advice would be to accept advice from people that know what they are doing and let people support you if they are willing.
    I couldnt have done it with out the help of my mum, before my first was born i had never even seen a newborn baby accept in passing let alone held and taken care of one.
    when i had my second and third i was so much more confident to deal with things myself.
    and of course if you ever need advice or someone to talk to all us lovley members of baby expert are here almost 24/7 image
    good luck
    Toni xx
  • Hi. I am not a young mum (38). I have 2 teenagers. Agh!!! I just want to say that I had my first baby at 21 and my second 22 months later. I was petrified!! Both times!! But it is the best feeling in the world and I would do it all over again, as long as they didn't have to grow into teenagers. Best of luck to you all.
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