any young mums from northern ireland?

any young mums from northern ireland? im 20 and due middle of september


  • I Wil be 20 and due at the end September
  • Hi, Im 24, does that still count as bein young? I hope so. Im from Northern Ireland, i live outside Dungannon, where are you from?
  • i live in lurgan. i am now 26 with 2 kids but had my first at 19. been there done that and i am very young at heart. i am a better mother than some of my older relatives so age has nothing to do with it:lol::lol::x
  • im from ballynahinch. im 21 tomorrow lol but im half way thru university which makes it worse
  • Hi Laura, what uni are you at and what are you studying? Happy belated birthday! Did you do anything nice?
  • thanx! im at queens just finished 2nd year sociology. didnt do much 4 my birthday, cudnt think of anything 2 do lol i never know wether its ok 2 go out 2 a pub with a bump lol im guessin id get strange looks or not be allowed in so i just stick 2 the cinema!
  • I know what you mean, i had my hen party a couple of weeks ago in cookstown and i swear i got the dirtiest looks from people just for being out! Assholes! What date are you due? Im not due till 02 November and it feels ages away. Have you any names picked yet?
  • im due 17th september and gettin pretty fed up with it already just wana wear nice clothes again lol. no names picked duno if its a boy or girl yet. did u find out what ur havin or r u leavin it as a surprise?
  • Hi Laura, sorry for the very late reply but i got married on 03 August and im only back from my honeymoon. I didnt find out the sex but the sonographer wouldnt have told us anyway as its against hospital policy! Ah well, only another 80 days left, God that sounds so far away, i prefer to say it in weeks now as 11 weeks dosnt sound as long. Are you enjoying all the usual shit weather? I swear we have a permanent rain cloud hanging over us! Hows the holidays going? x
  • congratualtions!!! where'd u go on ur honeymoon?? iv only got 31 days left and it sounds way too close lol!! the weather has been pretty shit but at least that means i can stick 2 a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms and dont have 2 start tryin 2 find summer clothes that still fit me lol
  • I just went over to England. We had booked Egypt in October last year before the baby was heard of [it was a bit of a suprise to say the least] and then the travel agents wouldnt cover me with insurance and said the airline wouldnt let me fly anyway as i would be too far on. Ah well. God you are so lucky you only have 31 days left, i have 79 days left today and it feels like its never going to happen. You are so right about the comfortable clothes, although ive got such a big bump hardly anything fits me and i will have to give in and buy maternity clothes soon, just dont want to as they are so dear! Pity primark doesnt do them. Anyway i must fly as im in the middle of the ironing and want to get it finished before bed, oh God, i sound like my mother!!! What hospital are you havin your baby in?
  • iv managed not 2 have 2 buy any maternity clothes yet not much fits me now but its not really worth buyin anything seen as theres only a month left. im booked in2 da laganvalley hospital in lisburn. where u havin urs?
  • Im havin mine in craigavon in the mid-wife led unit. Its so much better than the hospital because you have a room to your-self and a mid-wife on hand at all times where-as in the hospital they are crammin you into a boggin ward with hardly anyone to look after you. The only downfall with the mid-wife unit is that you can only have gas and air and water to help you with the birth. The plus side is that if it gets too much and you want something stronger they just transfer you to the hospital which is all in one building anyway. The Lagan valley is a nice hospital, my aunt had her 3 kids there. Are you worried about the birth? Im sort of worried but not really as i think i have a high pain threshold, i broke my foot in 2 places last year and walked on it for 2 days before going to the hospital as i thought it was only a sprain!!! I just hope labour isnt too bad or i swear they may send me over the hall to the hospital and knock me out! LOL. How long do they keep you in the Lagan valley before they let you home?
  • yea im quite worried about it but tryin not 2 think about it 2 much lol every1 keeps tellin me storys about not bein able 2 sit down for weeks after and the birth lastin 4 ages but im just hopin mine wont b 2 bad lol if it was that terrible then no1 wud ever have more than 1 kid! the midwife ses u can leave the hospital as soon as possible so if everything goes ok u can be out the next day so that shudnt be 2 bad i cant stand hospitals, i didnt even think about where 2 have it i just sed yea 2 the first place the doctor suggested lol i hate doctors etc so always just say yes 2 get away from them as soon as i can lol
  • I agree about people tellin you their horror stories of birth but when they tell me that its going to hurt like hell and nearly kill me i just say back, well im a strong person and i know i will be fine! It makes them feel stupid for tellin me crap like that and hides the fact im shitting myself if i think about it too much!!! Have you started anti-natal classes yet and if you have when did you start them as i havnt heard a word about them yet? xxx
  • i never went 2 antenatal classes everytime i went 2 c da midwife she told me different dates and days that they were on so i just didnt bother i think she sed u can start them around 30wks but i dunno they always say different things lol
  • Oh i dont know, my mid-wife has only seen me 4 times and she never tells me anything or explains anything, not that i ever ask so i suppose its my fault too. Im thinking of signing up for NCT classes in Belfast but they cost ??120 and im not sure where in Belfast they are. Are you not worried abouy not knowing what way to breath or any of that stuff? I dont think these classes are really that good at getting you ready for birth as i dont think anything ever is but i think it will be good for OH to feel like he has done something during the last months that might be useful when im ripping his hand off during labour! LOL!
  • well im guessin that whatever id learn in those classes id soon forget once the time actually comes and probably the breathing etc will come naturally so im not too bothered. my mid wife is shit aswel but i dont really say anythin 2 her except yes and no so i cant complain lol.
  • Im frm portadown. Im 17 and due my 1st baby n 2wks..cant wait! is any1 frm near me?X
  • im from ballynahinch, im 21 and had my first baby on sunday afternoon!!
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