My birth experience (100% nightmare, But definately worth it

hiya girls, i remember counting down from about 40 days and it made the time seem so much longer, when i fanally got to my due date, i started counting back up to 12days! i luckily went into labour the day i was due to be induced! after having pains since the sunday, which the doctors called pre-laton stages of prgnancy, 3sleepless nights later and 3 hours of pushing, i was then examined to be told for a 2nd time that my baby was back2back and that they'd have to turn it before i could push anymore, after arguing with my mum an boyfriend about who would come with me to theatre we finally decided and made our way down, by the time i got there i was in hysterics, i was so scared, eventually after giving me a spinal block, turning the baby and expecting me to push whilst i was sleeping which just was not possible, they finally performed an emergency c section, i was so shocked to find out that i had a baby girl, the whole 9months i'd convinced myself that i would be having a boy! now that she is here i dont no what i'd do without her, i am only young but i luckily have all the support and help that i need, if there are any other teen mum's or teen mum's to be please mail me, i'd love to meet other girls in my position, until then take care, congratulations and good luck xxx


  • well hun shes ok and that matters, i want a lil girl but im having a lil boy who is due the 1st week of oct, im really scared bout the birth because i dont know what im going except. good luck with your lil girl x
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