Any young mums looking for no2?

Hi everyone, My lo is just over 3 months but im sooo broody and would love to get pregnant again with no 2. Are any of you broody and looking forward to another baby? x


  • I do get broody but couldnt have another baby yet...just like you mine is a little over 3 months and i dont think i could with another so soon. so is no2 on the cards?! Whats oh got to say about it? x
  • He says he dosnt mind if it happens but nookie isnt going to be all about making a baby, it has to just happen! Thats ok, i will just make sure it JUST happens when im at my most fertile! I really want another, i cant describe it, its weird. I thought after the horrendous pregnancy i had with Ellie that i wouldnt want another at all but now i just want a wee brother or sister for her.
  • Hi I have a 2yr old and im really broody we have been trying since november but no luck yet. we were really dead against having another one especially the first year after having her i really didnt like the idea of going through it all over again but now i want a little brother or sister for felicity and miss having a baby.
    how old are you if you dont mind me asking, im 21 x fiona
  • Im 24 so probably not a young mum anymore but i still feel young! LOL Ellie is so good and even when she is bad she is still better than most babies i have ever had the pleasure of looking after. I dont know if its just because she is mine and i have more patience or what but i just cant wait for her to have a wee brother or sister.
    Would you like a boy or girl? x
  • I wouldn't mind a boy or girl as I already have what I want! You?
    I know what you mean I feel the same about my daughter, shes much better behaved than any other child I know and Im so proud of her and up until 2months ago thought this motherhood was easy but its a bit harder now that shes hit the terrible twos. Shes normally very well behaved when were out or having people round its just when shes home with us she plays up and doesnt listen!! But despite her small tantrums and repeating everything I say she is still the best behaved at toddler group most of the time.

    Is your little one sleeping through the night? x
  • Hi

    My lo is 6 months and we have been trying for no 2 for a month so far. I was broody straight after having him but wanted to enjoy christmas first then start trying. I'm looking forward to being pregnant again and it would be lovely to have a brother or sister for Ellis. I'm 23.

  • Hi Fiona, no Ellie isnt sleeping through yet, she goes down at around 10-10.30 and wakes at 4 for a bottle and only takes 15 minutes to feed and wind and straight back to sleep then she is up again about 7 and then up for the day at 10. She is so good and has been doing longer and longer between feeds, even during the day. She takes a 7oz bottle during her feeds at night so i know she is starving and not just looking attention.
    Happymama can i say your little boy is sooo georgeous! Definatly one of the nicest babys ive seen in ages! I cant wait to be pregnant again and im hopeing this weekend might just do it! xxx
  • Hi Diane & Miss Ellie,
    Concieved yet?? Dont think we have done it yet, my af due this sunday and have been feeling sick and hungary but not convinced!! I've had so many bfns Im not even going to bother testing.
    I cant remember felicitys sleep pattern at that age, I only remember from 4months she slept through about 12hrs i think. Now she goes to bed 10pm and is up at 7.30 am but she does have her daytime naps still.
    It was horrible when she was first born because I was bf her she was constantly feeding every half hr, i was exhausted so gave that up when she was 2wks old xx
  • Hi mummies,
    My lo is 18months old and im 19wks pregnant with baby no 2. I was really broody after i had rhys and cudnt wait to b pregnant, but was advise coz id had a emergency section i shudnt get preg within the yr. Also i finish my last yr in uni in june so it wud have bin stupid of me to get pregnant any earlier. I must admit tho people do tend to look down their noses at me coz im only 21 and by the summer will have 2children, it does my head in. Gud luck for all those trying for second babies. Kerry xxx

  • Hi Fiona and Kerry, Im on cd21 and im not sure if im pregnant or not. Not feeling anything out of the ordinary but we have decided to wait till we move house in April-May. Still a bit late to be deciding this as we done the deed over my most fertile time so im still keeping my fingers crossed! I hope you get a BFP soon hun! xxx
  • hi my lil girl is 22months an im 3 months pregnant u no wen the time is rite it took me an my hubby 5 months 4 me to fall pregnant an im 20.x
  • I hope it wont take us too long as i dont want a big gap in the ages. We will have to wait and see, i got a bfn today but im going to test again tomarrow and maybe get a positive!
  • Hi Dianne and Miss Ellie

    I would love to start trying again by lo is 8 months old now. She is such a good baby which hasnt prob helped with my broodiness. I bf for 5 months and she was sleeping through 7 til 7 from 8 weeks and has been ever since. We are going to start to try soon as i also have ovarian cysts and endremetriosis (sorry bout spelling) so i cant leave it too much longer anyway incase it is then taken out of my hands!
    Fingers crossed with you!!!!!
  • Hi Diane & Miss Ellie,

    I'm pregnant with my 1st so i'm not yet looking for no.2! A girl I was friendly with years ago at school had her 1st baby & then 3 months later was pregnant with her 2nd. I know it was hard work for her even physically being pregnant & lifting & looking after her baby but the thing she said to me was that she wished she'd a bigger gap between them because she missed out on a lot of the first baby's 'firsts' because she was too busy looking after a newborn.

    Each person is different though love but just do whatever your body tells you & sure practising is always fun!!
    Lauren (33+1) xox
  • Hi again,
    My af arrived late last night so im on cd1 again month 5!!!!!!
    This is taking a lot longer than I expected and really hoping we concieve soon, felicity is already 2 and the gap is getting bigger. How have you been? x
  • hi all,
    like i sed b4 it took us 5 months but in the last month i did ovulation test and they helped us to c wen i was ovulatin which thn helped me to become pregnant and there really easy to use they look like pregnancy test and come with full instructions! you get bout 5 in a pack and cost around a tenna. x x x
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