how rude!!!!!!!!!!

i'm 24 but look i lot younger. i've just started a new job and as soon as i say i've got 2 kids everyone goes 'oh my god how old are you?' it's driving me mad!!! i'm gonna start saying i'm 16 teehee!
just thought i'd share that!! lol!


  • lol yeah really give em summat to talk about. i get it all the time too im 21 and just had my 3rd 11 weeks ago. when ever i go anywhere people always come over to have a look at lo. when they see my other 2 as well its always, god are they all yours!! you dont look old enough.
    i once told one lady when she said this "dont i, suppose thats a good thing then because you look old enough to have at least 8" the look on her face really made my day lol
    it wouldnt be so bad if this was only said to me occasionally but its everytime i go anywhere and its always exactly the same words, are they all yours, you dont look old enough. i feel like shouting change the f***ing record sometimes!
  • Some people just really dont think before they speak do they! Its so rude and totally none of their business! Im 20 and due my first in 4 weeks. Been quite lucky not to have anyone say anything but thats probably because i give them the look of death before they do lol But people cant help themseleves but to stare at my bump and thats annoying enough for me!
  • im 21 but look about 12 lol and my 1st is due later this week, no1s sed anything 2 me but i get lots of weird looks from old people lol theyv made me feel like a dick but hell most of them look like dicks themselves anyway
  • lol tht made me laugh laura888! i'm 23 with two kids but i look really young too as i'm short and i still get spots! i work in mothercare too and get so many customers asking to speak to someone a bit more "experienced" they don't even try to hide their shock when i tell them i've got 2 of my own! and yes, a few say "but you don't look old enough"
  • lol i know how you all feel im 23 and got a 3 year old daughter and now expeting baby number 2 in feb. and i get some really rude people give me rude comments / looks. and it drives me mad. i feel like saying to these people " just coz im a young mum it dosen't mean i a bad parent" . toni001 i like what you said back to that woman. if anyone else knows of any good come backs to say to rude people please let me know. x.
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