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boyfriend left because I wouldnt have an abortion :(



  • :\)CONGRATULATIONS i read all the things u wrote and am reali happy 4 u ! xx
  • Hii im 17, and i have been going through exactly the same as you, my boyfriend has left me and been threatening me to, if you have facebook or want to talk just add me, [email protected] hope to hear from you soon xx
  • Hi everyone! Thanks again for your support, not sure if anybody comes on this anymore but thought I would post another update, Olivia is now 8 months old, she says mama, dada, baba, nannan and she also goes yeah yeah yeah! Cant believe how fast the time has gone, she also has 2 teeth coming through! Its also my 18th next month so looking forward to celebrating that image Hope all of you ladies are ok!! xx
  • Congratulations charli1512! You have an awesome time ahead of you. Don't worry about that guy, life is preparing another gift for you instead!

  • Hey. I am going through the same situation.  Just wanted to check in on you to see how things went with you and the father

  • hi im iona, im going through the same thing, Icfound out I was ppregnant last month and my boyfriend of 1 year is telling me to have an abortion or he will leave me, he says I will ruin his life so I feel really guilty and feel like o have to go through with it even if I don't want to, I am 17 and will be 18 in may, im scared of losing him but I know I will regret having an abortion,  I have noone to talk to as none I know has beeb through this, I just really need advice, sorry its so long x

  • You have created a life! If your boyfriend thinks this will ruin his then let him go. Do not do something uncomfortable for you on his behalf. There are plenty of people here to talk to. Do you have family you can confide in?

  • Yeah,  I have a very big family x

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