2days to go!

Anyone else due anytime soon? Im due this sunday and suddenly getting mixed feelings about everything!

Im so excited to see my baby and everything... but im getting those paranoia thoughts of "have i made the wrong decision?", n "how the hell am i supposed to cope with a baby!?". I know i don't really have a choice but to cope but its driving me up the wall!

Is anyone else getting silly too?


Lucy X


  • Lucy,

    I am SO jealous! I still have 9 weeks to go & i'm becoming really impatient already. I woke up in the middle of the night the other night & thought 'oh my god how am i going to cope' and I keep getting all these frightening thoughts but really I guess we just have to be positive & believe everything is going to be fine (which it is!).

    Don't feel as though your being silly pet I think your just being normal.
    Lauren xx (31+2)
  • Hi Lucy, i just wanted to say all the best and dont wish your pregnancy away Lauren! I did and i swear by the time Ellie was a week old i missed all the kicking and proding! Wish i was pregnant again! Im jealous of you guys! x
  • i wish i was pg too!! image( still ttc.

    Good luck chick with your last few days and cant wait to hear about the new addition.

  • Ohhh I'm jealous as well!! I've got 12 weeks left image

    Try not to worry, I am sure you will cope fine and be a great mum!! I bet I feel exactly the same when my due date rolls round, right now it feels like it can't come quick enough tho.

    Good luck for the birth and hoping u dont go overdue! xxx
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