Hello im a newbie :)

Hi, My name is Samantha, and i am 20 years of age and have a 6month old Daughter.

I was so scared about becoming a mother as my daughter was not planned. But now i wouldnt have it any ohter way.
It was tough as im sure it was for all of you, i lost friends because i could no longer go out nightclubbing etc, but i think im glad i lost them then, as they werent true friends, and im glad i found that out.
I now am trying to get intouch with other young mothers, and share parenting things with them.

I have a partner who is a few years older than me, so im not alone, and all my family is supportive, as is his, but we have just moved 2hours away from our family for my partners carrer. so we are feeling a bit lonely again, but we have met a nice couple our age with a baby, so we r coping ok.

I started a young mothers website of my own, that now has over 60 members, (not much compared to most but its a start)
I thought we deserved a website of our own, and its doing really well. But im not here to promote it, as im sure its not aloud, but if there is any interest of joining it (for free ofcourse) please let me know and i can point you in the direction of it image just email me and let me know.

Thanks for listening:\)

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  • hey sammy ive not long joined im goin 2 be a young mum im due in november im only 18 i would love 2 join your website xx
  • hey samantha welcome im quite new myself my lil 1 is due in oct 6th and i cnt wait, im 20 and i also would like to join ur website xx
  • hi lilprincess, just email me theres a lil email button on my post, and then ill send you the website address, as i dont think ill be allowed to post it here

    Thanks for your interest i hope to get an email soon;\)
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