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Hey ma name is sarah my daughter mia was born 18th march 07,wen she was 11week old i found out er dad whos 34 was seein a 17yr old behind my bk since end of december i kicked him out 7week ago n since then i av brought mia up.e doesnt bother to cme up n c er thro the week,e as er mon n tues while i work but if i aint wrkin them days then e wont av er..
i know i dont need him but im scared of bein a single mummy cos shes startin to teeth n she can sit up n the other day while i was puttin the washin away i ad er sat on the bed n she fell off n it really scared me n hurt me cos she was hurt..i told er dad n e just asked if she was ok n didnt bother to cme up n c if she was ok..i jus need advice really i know i can go it alone but i dont wanna be a single mummy if u know wot i mean...


  • you def. sound better off without him what a sh*thead, at least you can concentrate on your l/o and finding someone who will treat you and mia right x. are you close to your family?
    (and you'll always get support on here x.)
  • Dont be scared hun, So many women do it and do it perfectly. He sounds like a twat, bit like my ex!! I havent had my baby yet, due in 24 days and he hasnt txt or phoned since april (when we split up) to find out how things are going. He gives me money and we have an agreement where as he sees his son on a tues and thurs but to be honest, i cant see it lasting! Im not scared of being a single mummy cause ive always been independant, i know itll be bloody hard but ill do the very best for my son. Please dont worry, youll do great! x
  • Hi, nice to meet you, my name is katie and I am going to be a single mum. I have just found out last week that I am Pregnant, it was a shock to say the least. I was going to go for an abortion because I am not with the dad, it was only a fling and I wasn't even with him long but I just couldn't do it, so I decided to keep my baby. It makes me so scared and the emotions that I have been through this week are unreal.

    Does anyone else feel the same?
  • Hiya Katie, Have you told the dad yet? What did he say? My OH tried to book my abortion for me without me knowing! And because i refused to do it was one of the main reasons we split after many arguements!
    Your bound to feel scared and very emotional at the mo, you probably got alot going round in your head and hormones going 100 mph! But it will get better image im due in 16 days and its still scary but things dont feel as half as bad as it did when we first split. It does get better believe me image
  • Thanks SamanthaLeigh, I told him and he told me I did't want a baby at my age Lol!! He put the phone down on me, haven't heard since and I'm not too bothered, better off without!!

    Sixteen days, I bet you are so excited!! Do you know what you are having? I realy want a little girl.

    Your so right about the hormones, I am terrible at the best of times ha ha!

    Thanks again for the encouraging words X
  • Hiya katie, The bloke sounds like a dick and thats exactly how my ex took it...saying im too young! haha men! But your so right, you are better off without him. No woman needs a man to be happy!
    I am sooo excited yeh, exactly two weeks today until im due! scary stuff. Im having a little boy and im so chuffed because i really wanted a little boy because we have soo many girls in our family!

    Dya think youll find out what your having if you can? And as for the hormones i blame everything on the hormones and its great because you get away with it! haha.

    I hope you enjoy your pregnancy, the rollercoaster that it is lol x
  • Hi Samantha Leigh!

    I'm excited for you and I'm really glad that your getting a little boy aww,bless X

    Yeah, I really want to know now!!! I want a little girl - I'm going to call her Rosa ;0)

    I thought he had turned into my dad or something when he said I didn't want a baby at my age - It's not like im 12 ha ha!!

    I don't think I would have ever wanted a man involved with this anyway - I'm sure you are better off alone. So many of my friends are pregnant with boyfriends and honestly I think their life is so much harder.

    Just think we have no men telling us what to buy, or turning up and shouting at us or worse giving us a slap - thats what my friends put up with and then they pretend that every thing is wonderful.

    Have you enjoyed your pregnancy? I hope so xx
  • Hiya Katie! Hows things? I have enjoyed my pregnancy though have had me ups and downs like most pregnant women have i guess!

    I dont wish me and the dad were together and i know im better off without him but I feel really awkward when people ask me whats going on with me and the dad...I feel like I have to explain myself and my situation to everyone and I know i shouldnt have to but I feel people you get this?

    Do you have any dates for scans yet? I really hope you get the little girl you want and Rosa is a lovely name! I like girlie names, If i had a girl I was going to call her Ellie-Rae image My cousin is due a little girl in December, shes calling her Scarlett.

    Im so glad you got a good attitude on your situation, I cant stand it when single mums act as though they cant do it without a man...its like failing before even trying!

    Sam xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Seriously you dont need a man, i turned 17 in may and had my baby in the march so i was only 16, my O/H wanted me to have an abortion but from the moment i found out i was pregnant i couldnt, he tried to persuade me by sayin that i wouldnt be able to do anything thet i wantd to, but i have am still at school and davids at a childminders for a few hours while im there, i still go out with my friend the odd time, but i dont realy like anyone else having dacvid so usualy folk are round mine, davids dad and i are still togther but only just... he moans at me for spending to much oney on david and that i never have and money to do anything cause i spend it all on him, i also have my own house which i have to run myself while tryin to keep david whos 6 months out of cuboards and from getting things he shouldnt, i asked him for 10quid to buy him a cosy all in 1 suit for the winter as its very cold up in scotland here just now, and he said he didnt have any money, then i found out he had went and bought springs for his car so he could lower it pluss hes plannings on buying 500quid weels for his car, yes hes opnly 19 but come on, wake up he has a son, u will manage to get through and youll be that wored up about baby that you wont need a guy, yeah sometimes youll be lying in bed wishing you had 1 but keep your chin up and youll get there, i did, the doctors told me i had depresion because i filled out a question air and aparently i had all the answers tht i had depresion i was like o....k they gave me pills but i never took one there still lying wrapped up int the box, i just thought possitive and kept my chin up and remembered by baby needs me and i need him and thats all that matters

  • See id so much rather be by myself rather then be with the dad who cant have his priorities in the right place. Not trying to cause offense to you cause it sounds like your doing a great job and sounds like you could easily do it without him but i cant believe he said you spend too much money on your son...thats just ludacris. Hes sounds like hes 19 going on 9.
    Marcus (the dad to my little boy due in 10days) gives me money on a monthly basis and we have an agreement where as he sees him on a tues and thurs after work and he will have him the odd sunday when hes not working. For me this is really good and id rather have it this way then us still together and not getting on.

    Its so nice to see single mums because they seem to wise up to everything and it just makes them such stronger people..and i have no doubt thatll be the way for the single mummys to be on here...

    Thanks for your story lisa, its so nice to hear different storys and keep up the fab work with little david

    Sam x
  • Hi i am laura i spilt up wiv my BF 3 weeks ago not heard a thing since he was over the moon when i found out then one day he turned around and said he wanted a dna test and that i had been cheating on him what a load off bollocks!! i neva cheated the whole two years its been really hard but my family and friends have been great i just want to but all my effort into me and this baby!!!i am scared about him turning up and giving me abuse when the baby arrives xx
  • hey sarah,

    hows it going? any update?

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