am i still a young mum??

i became a mum at 14 when i was drunk. i was going out with a lad and did not know what i was doing because i was drunk. i was in a good relationship with the father who was 17. he was born on 12 november 2003,we called him kieran. when i was 15 we then had nathan on 27th may 2004 he was planed. when i was 16 i had another boy on 27 september 2006 we called him this time i was ,married to the father of all my children and went on the pill so i did not get pregnant again. however i found out i was 6 weeks pregnant. i had a scan last week and 2 our suprise i am expecting identical twins.

i am also in my first year of 6th form as i still did my GCSE's and got 5A*'s and 5A's.people gave me funny looks for being so young but i don't care i would not change a thing. my husband can provide for us all now we r just thinking of another boy name and another girls name for the twins, because we want their sex to be a suprise, and because we did not know it was twins we only thought on 1 girls name 'Catlyn Patricia Lidijia Shales' and 1 boy name 'Benjamin Phillip Morgan Sheles'.

i don't she why people shold think of me as a bad mum love my kids to pieces and they get lots of love and cuddles of me and hubby. so what is wrong with young mums. why do people think they are so bad can u answer my question.:\?

thanks becky


  • hi every 1 im 21 and 34 weeks gone with my 2nd i feel like a young mum but compared to alot of people i no im not i think if you if you feel young then you r a young mum and although i dont like the idea of 13 year olds getting pregnant if its guna happen its gunna happen but i did see a story on the other day about an 11 year old bein pregnant no w ireally think that is wrong i hadnt even started my period then never mind think bout sex and her mum said she was proud of her.
  • im 24 and 21 wks preg with 2nd baby, had my gorgeous little man when i was 16 but now feel really old even tho i'm the youngest in my prenatal yoga class by about 10 years!
  • hi girls, i'm 16 an don't think age matters, i have all the support and help i need, so why should i or any other young mum be judged, if we can cope why should anybody else care, being young does not make us bad mum's xxx
  • good for all of you who gives a shit wot other people think!!!
    had my 1st at 21 after being with my partner 3mts (not planned) everyone said i wouldnt cope and it wouldnt last. My daughter is now 6, we are married, nice house nice car good jobs and trying for our 2nd (we hope to have 4 children)

    as long as you are old enough to put your babys needs first you are not to young xxxx
  • hiya ladies i am only 17 and didnt no what to do when i feel pregnant but when i saw my little girl i couldnt get rid of her now im so glad i keeped her im now 22+4 weeks and i have all the help and support i need.
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