21 and TTC

Hi girls!!

only been on the tcc forum so far but i thought i should get myself on this one too as i guess i am gonna be a "young mum" once i actually get pg!!

being ttc for 2 weeks now after coming off the implant and pill. still no af after 13 days of no pill!!

being reading some of the posts and i deffo agree that i certainly feel now is a great time to become a mummy!!

so here is to lots of chats and posts on my journey to being a moma. love reading all your stories too and trying to help where ever i can!!

Steph xxx


  • Hello again....


  • hello

    i was planning for a lo bt when oh said he wasnt ready i stopped and a week later i concieved. A happy accident. when you stop planning you'll concieve out the blue. Good luck. i love being a young mum 2 b now.

  • hiya i dont no if 23 is young but i thought id post on here! im in 4th month ttc and would be lovely to hear from people around the same age its nice to have someone to talk to! xx
  • hi Pink!!

    seen you on the ttc board!! i know what you mean about having someone to talk to, it really eases the brain strain!! hahahah!!
  • i was 21 when fellpg, just turned 22 and had my little boy and i wouldnt change any of it for the world. deffo helps having people to talk to openly, which i found hard as was clearly judged for wanting to be a young mum. on here u dont get that and its ace!
    good luck to all those ttc and may 2008 be your year! it took me a long time to concieve but when u stop 'trying' u really do get pleasantly surprised!

  • hi ginger, i am soooo happy for you!!! and it's ace that we are same age, hopefully i will get my bfp soon and we can be yummy mummys together!!

    hi hollylizzy! found loads of the girls on ttc boards are 21-23 too, it's great.
    since moving to huddersfield, loads of mine and oh's friends we have made here have lo's but its all the dads!!! whereas all my mates and school mate from back in leeds have no interest in having babies whatsoever so its nice having girls to talk to about it!!!!

    we are trying to try stress free, just bding every 2/3 nights not using ov sticks or anything like that as e are quite enjoying trying!! hahah!!!

  • *catches it all* hahah, thinks GLT!! When is your first scan??/
  • awwww, thats something that i wouldn't mind about getting bfns all the time, if it was suddenly a bfp at 20 weeks, hahahah!!!

    still getting the bding on but the symptoms are getting worse each day!!! it's crazy!!! i just hope its not just hormoneleaving my body blah blah blah!!! hahahah!!

    i am gonna splash out on a cb digital next week if still no af!!

    do you have a facebook??
  • I'm 21 & wasn't trying to conceive but it happened when I was on the pill! Your body will know when the time is right for you so relax and enjoy yourself & let nature take it's course.
    Good luck xo
  • GLT- added!!! but ttc is very hush hush atm image

    hi Lauri!! Thanks for the advice, we are taking it very stress free at the mo, no ov sticks or anything like that just getting it on as much as poss, hahhah!!! which is never a bad thing!! except for when it really hurt last night but tmi!!!
  • Hi Im 21 in month 4 ttc our 2nd child. Our daughter just turned 2!!!
    We too are taking a very relaxed approach this year as the first 2months trying I was calculating everything and it didnt work plus i got stressed. We just bd every 2 days if we feel like it but i dont worry myself if we miss a night x x
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