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upset and angry

well i sill class myself as young at 25. anyway i'm 24 wks preg and my partener says he is happy but also has a girl of 4 with his x. i understand he has her but its as if he has the 'been there done that' attitude plus he wanted a boy but now we have found its going to be a girl he says not to get any pink stuff as they 'could be wrong!' more like wants them to be wrong. everyone says to him are u excited and he just says 'oh got a girl already' what the hell! i thought he was being a pig saying this and told him. not mentioned it since, that was month ago, but today saw someone i know and she asked him if he was excited and he said the same bloodly line again i just thought u knob.this child is important and what has his daughter got to do with us having a baby!.really anoyed! sorry to moan any advice please x


  • thats just typical of men! dont let him put a downer on things for you. he may have a lil girl but this is a different lil girl. this is urs and she is her own person. try to ignore him. sure he wont have that attitude once shes here image x x x
  • thanks felicity to true on the typical men bit! x
  • thanks felicity to true on the typical men bit! x
  • image ope ur feeling better. x x
  • awww hun, i agree with felicity, its a man thing im sure! As ur bump gets bigger and spesh when she's here im sure he'll appriciate just how much ur lil angel means to u both! xxx
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