just feeling a bit lonely need sum1 to talk to lol...

I feel really lonely tonight, my partner is at work so im jst sitting here by myself. it makes it hard cuz i know all our friends are out and having fun like they normally do on friday nites. ive had the worst 2 weeks with the kids. azalea (my eldest) wont sleep the whole nite she wants to play all the time an takes me like an hour or two every single nite to get her to sleep. an sonny has had a bad cold an now has an ear infection plus his teeth are just coming through now, so he wakes up every hour crying. Im only getting like 3-4 hrs a nite an im starting to get really irritable. I just want a good night sleep and sum time alone with my man but i dont have any family to help out. my in-laws live here with us an they are constantly trying to help but it jus dosent feel the same, i want my own mother here to help me but ihaven spoken to her in 6 months. an i miss my brother like crazy!!!
sori guys i jus really need sum1 to talk to i have so much going in my life an no-one to help me through it!


  • Come on ladies, i had 4 ppl look at my message an not one of you have replied. how hard is it to say hi!
  • hi!! its hard when your own mums not around to help out! i havent spoken to my mum since july last year! its a long story but i have a little brother, hes 12, i miss him too!! it might be worth asking your in laws if they would babysit for a few hours so you and your fella can get "us" time. go out, try to relax and enjoy yourself!! its difficalt when you have a teething lil un, i used to put peeled carrot sticks in the freezer for my lil boy and let him chew it when it bothered him. neurofen for kids helps too, not that calpol rubbish. hope this helps a little, and keep your chin up! krystle xx
  • hey hun, hope you are okay! its hard when they are ill! jacks got chicken pox and tonsilitous at the mo so i know what u mean about not alot of sleep!! how u feeling now?
  • we all have bad days honey, i know it seems like things will never get better but they will. its times like this that are testing and are there to make sure you and your man appreciate the time that you do get together. take it in your stride-itl pass soon
  • hey its like a tough time but u will get through it maybe u shud let ya in-laws babysit so u can av a break if u dont mind me askin y dont u av contact wit ya mum? hope it all works out in the end.
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