How can I be a mum when...

...I still pick all the chocolate off mini-rolls and club biscuits? and OH run away screaming when we see a spider/daddylong legs and have to get his mum to kill it cos we're wimps?
...I don't know how to make a sunday dinner?
...I can't function on less than 8 hours sleep?

I'm really pleased to be having a baby but sometimes I think bluddy hell I'm still a big baby myself. I know there's no such thing as a perfect mother...but sometimes I worry I'm not even going to be an OKish one!!!!

Any other young mums feel like this?
19 years old - and 19 weeks preg


  • hiya
    Yeah I feel a bit like that, especially as the pregnancy wasn't planned I'm still gettin used to the idea that we're gonna have this little person to look after. And I worry that i'm gonna be a rubbish mum and not know how to look after him or her

    Sorry if this hasn't really made u feel much better, but I just thought i'd let u no ur not the only one who feels like that

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  • Dont worry i'm pretty positive its a natural feeling "how the flip will i cope!?" lol.

    I had an unplanned pregnancy (daughter now 4 months)... i was officially..

    The biggest pary goer of all my mates...

    drank like a fish...

    also had never cooked a roast..

    hated spiders and STILL do!

    and am a sleep-a-holic!

    Basically, you WILL manage, because you have to! No doubt that its hard work but when your little one is here there is no better feeling!!

    I now only go out once every month/couple of months for a night on town with the girls, i cooked my first roast (which was bloody nice!) a few backs, as for the spiders my OH delas with them but top tip - use a hoover! lol.

    Anyway, nothing can prepare you for when the LO is here but you'll be fine and i'm sure you'll be a great mum! x
  • I dont know what you class as a young mum (im 24yrs old) but me and my oh are like big kids, we have so much fun together laughing, dancing around the house like idiots, singing, we never know what were going to have for dinner, we still argue about whose turn it is to do the dishes and yet we do all of this with our 6 month old gorgeous lil boy joshua watching us lol Its amazing how you just cope. I have days where i think i wish i could still go out like i used to and how i dont want to be a grown up but then i realise were gorwnups in our way and im sure Joshua wouldnt have it any other way! xxx
  • :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
    i was also 19 when i got pg with ds1 lived at home, never cooked a meal (other than pasta) in my life!! moved out with my 17yr old boyfriend image and it is amazing how you adapt, when l/o arrives things just fall into place, you'll figure it out fine, honest ;\)
    i'm now 24 and have 2 kids, still feel like i'm 19! and look about 17 :roll:
    and i'm a crap cook but i try!
    good luck with everything hun image
  • u'll be absaloutly fine everyone worries about what sort of mum they will be but its the most natural thing in the world and u really wont believe what an undying love u will have for them and because of this u will adapt and learn as u go along and trust me u will make a few mistakes we all do, but thats life and it'll be a story to tell them when their older.

  • my oh and i are still like that weve not changed except from getting up earlier and having a few night feeds in the early months. We still act like weve just met and in love and still run around the house like weve just moved in,we just have to laugh a little quieter when lennons in bed thats all,i think it makes for a very happy baby,just remember babies dont laugh at serious they laugh at sillyness :lol:
  • hi im 19 and felt excatly the same but 18 months on and i have actually coped very well (i think i have) . when i was pregnant i remember thinking what if i wasnt good enough? what if i couldnt cope? but as soon as my little man arrived my worries were soon forgotten. i think its the love for your child that some how makes you cope. i thought it would be hard etc but none of it has been as hard as i thought it would be.


    im new here so would like to say CONGRATULATIONS you on your pregnancy x

  • i am in same situation and am scared outta ma mind i am 28 weeks and have still got no idea how i am going to cope
  • i no people have probably told you all already but u just do (manage to cope that is) something just kicks in and its all systems go,you have an overwelming urge to look out for and do your best for your baby no matter how many times you get puked upon and how many hours sleep you dont get you always manage to cope,like when you cover your bump with your hands its a form of protection that your doing without even thinking about it,i think it starts as soon as you know your pregnant,you just dont think about the little things you do while pregnant that kick starts your maternal side
  • Thanks for all your advice girls.

    I found out on Monday that I'm having a boy image I know what u mean about maternal instincts, I thought I wanted a girl & now I know it's a boy I'm ridiculously happy, can't stop smiling...:\)
  • tiger lily, we spoke a few times on here, im glad to hear that like me your due in april, im 22 and nice to have someone simular age to me to talk to whats you date in april???
    x x jem x
  • Hi Jem image It's 28th April...altho if he's anythin like me, he'll be late! hehe! You're having a boy too arent u? I think there's only a few girls due in april x

    Chick it is hard work but you will be fine I am quite sure. I am still a big kid at heart, it is amazing what you find out you can do when you have this nw little person that needs you!!

    If you need a natter and some advice (without the normal Erica attitide I promise) then you know where I am.
  • Oh girls I have to say you have all made me smile here so much!
    All of my friends were very shocked (not as much as me) when I told them I was pregnant as the baby was unplanned & I was on the pill because I would've been out 4 nights a week, all my money was spent on new clothes, alcohol & make up for ME & I just lived for the weekends.
    I'm now 26 weeks pregnant & have got nearly everything I need for the baby because I stopped smoking & drinking & going out partying & it's so much more fun buying baby clothes than hot pants for me!
    Anyway still shi**ing my pants about impending birth & baby but i'm so glad to see that there are other people out there just like me & who have coped!
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