Young Mums are best

Hi girls im 18 and am 8 weeks pregnant i have a 21 month old son called cameron, im engaged to the father of my baby and we have our own house, i am doing my a levels at the mo to become a primary skul teacher( night classes) while my partner is in full time work.
MY partner daniel is self employed so we didnt want to get a mortgage until i was workin as he has no guarnteed income his ( a roof tiler ) so we though it best to go on the coucil list for a house and rent that way then eventuallty buy, anways cut a long story short lol we had to go into tempoary housin as the list was quite long so we were in a flat in a complex where it was all other young girls with babies, out of about 16 girls there were two who cared and looked after there babies properly the rest were sittin outside drinking every night leaving there children inside asleep. i have seen what some teenage mums are like and i think this is why we are all sterotyped as irressponsible beacuse on tv and chat shows people only see these type of mums. im so proud of myself and my son and i wouldnt change anything for the world i cant wait to add to our family, having a baby young i think is the best thing i have done because i have all the time with him while i study and when i am ready to work he will be settled in school. x x x x


  • u should be proud of ur self u sound as if ur doin a gr8 job. when u due. im 21 mum 2 eve who is 14months. preg with baby no 2 due on the 4th of aug. i know wat u mean with sterotypes. i think age is just a number, it when ur ready urself. i think having a kids makes most of us grow up faster and our priorities change x
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