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feeling faint, losing weight and nine weeks pregnant

well I a now nine weeks orthere about and have started to feel faint each afternoon around 4 oclock. Also I have lost a stone since falling pregnant and am eaton like a horse . Any ideas what's happening? Lol


  • I was very similar hun in the first trimester as i explained to my Midwife at my booking in appointment. She Booked me in for a few more checks just to keep an eye on me but if you are woried than talk to your midwife. I'm sure it's quite normal for you but it's always nice to hear it from a professional


  • Could the faint feeling be due to your blood sugar levels dropping between lunch and tea time? It might be worth trying a snack to keep your energy levels up!
  • Jools my sister always loses a stone in the 1st mth and think its normal like the others say.

    I agree with caroline on the feeling faint think,may be snack in between meals will help as the increased blood flow to placentre is to blame.

  • well thats good news. I have been eating more often now and it seems to be working still losing weight though. Yipee. Other than that I am great should have my scan in 3 weeks. Can't wait. Good to hear others have felt the same at first. I thought I was housing a baby elephant and it was eating into my fat stores LOL
  • I am 22 weeks gone and have only put on 8lb. And I am probably expecting a baby to rival the size of an elephant!!!!
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