boobs wel past there sell by date ?

finding feeding really hard this time... fed my son successfully for 11 months when i was 30 but struggling to feed this time round so my question is.."do your boobs get less efficient the older you are"?? im 40 by the way
fea x


  • i dont think ur ability to bf diminishes hun, boobs def change over time though mine certainly dont look the same as they did 16yr ago when i had my first lo! i fed my 3rd for 11m without probs but i think diff babes give u diff bf experiences, my second was difficult and im hoping no4 will be a breeze(fingers crossed)xxx
  • Abby was a big hungry baby right from the start she was 10lb 5 1/2oz and at 6 weeks weighed 12 lb 13 oz so i must be doing something right but i have been supplimenting with 3 to 5 oz formula depending on how hungry she is and i dont think it has helped my milk any think i will have to call ita day soon but i will be so sad when that day comes
    fea x
  • Oh well I hope mine still work ok 3rd time around! Am being induced on Friday (37+3) and my boobs are desperate to feed my baby!! Though she is only likely to be around 7lbs so quite a titch. I will be 5 days shy of 41 when I have her, and my boobs will definitely benefit from a lift afterwards, but dont know if I could ever be that vain and the thought of my nipple being cut out and re-positioned makes me feel very sick!! xxx
  • Hi Fea, glad all is going well with you. Abby looks gorgeous. I fed Max for 7 months but found it really hard with Dylan and only did it for about 8 weeks. I think I was worrying about Max. I felt awful but also relieved when I decided to use bottle. I think everyone felt a lot happier. This time around I've managed fine and Joel is still bf. He was 7lbs 14oz, so a much smaller baby than Abby when born and is now 11lbs 13oz. I agree with Kirst 3 about different chn, bringing different bf experiences. You can always keep one or two bf feeds. Good luck Callyb for friday, look forwards to hearing your story. Love Tracy
  • HI all.
    cally good luck on friday and let us kow how it all goes as soon as you able.
    Highlandfea, I am not too sure. I struggled when I was 21 and 24 but with 3rd and 4th ( 34 and 36) I found it a breeze. Plan to bf number 5 due in march and think it will be fine. are you eating enough, drinking enough and restin enough. IF you find it hard though dont beat yourself up. We have done an amazing thing giving life and bf is only a small part of been a mum.

    d xxx
  • thanks everyone foryour replys. went to baby massage and spoke to hv and she recons i have thrush so its no wonder i am in a bit of a state as the doc gave me antibiotics cos he thought i had a skin infection!!!and the antibiotics have made things worse!!so i have been feeding tentitivly all day as it hurts and i have been expressing when its 2 bad to feed so here is hoping that the cream works. i feeling a bit more positive as Abby now 7 weeks is 13lb 8oz!!!! so i must be doing something right
    fea x
  • ouch! i hope it clears up soon hun, expressing is a good idea as it will keep up ur milk supply.
    i must say abby def looks like a happy contented

    callyb, i dont think i could do boob job either, the thought makes me wince, so if they do start to go too far south ill have to just roll em up or throw em over my shoulders,lol. xx
  • Glad all got sorted and hope it all clears up soon.
    LOL Kirst 3 at throwing boobs over shoulders, I may have to do the same with my sagging tummy!!! I must stop eating the choccie digestives!!! xxx
  • Will certainly let you all know how it goes on Friday!

    Kirst3 I like your style!!! I used to swear by tit tape and a good push up bra...I am not sure that will work this time!!!! My boobs were 32F before I got pregnant this time and am now a 36G . They will look like nipples on the end of a saggy sock after I have fed this lo for 6 months!!!!

    Hooray that my hubby loves me regardless of my ever changing boobs!
  • My 1st baby was tongue-tied so breast feeding was very difficult.I used nipple shields and that made things alot easier.My 2nd took to b/f like she'd done it before and it was very easy.My 3rd - I got thrush ( I have an inverted nipple too in that side!!) and it was very difficult and painful but I persavered and it was well worth it.I'm hopeing baby no 4 will be no problem in July.I'll be 38 then.The others were all fed when I was 28,30 & 31. xx
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