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how many full time mom are out there?

i'm wondering how many full time moms are out there!
i go to a lot of baby clubs and groups and i find that lots of teh mother figures there are actually child minders...
at one group i was the only mom!
i feel like a dying breed.....

is it just me????


  • hi im here lol!!!

    hi i feel the same way too. whenever i go to toddler groups and things, there are mums but they are usually at the toddler group on their one day off through the week.

    it makes me feel i have nothing in common with them because they are all talking about work stuff.

    my oldest just started school and ive joined the parent run library to help once a week, so will be helping out there cause i thought i might meet some more fulltime mums, but so far it seems they all have jobs aswell!

    oh well, i feel very priveleged to stay at home with my kids.

    i always check this FT mums forum but never seems to be many on it. maybe ill chack more often now i know you're here lol x
  • Glad ive found somewhere with other full time mums, think its sad that like we are a dying breed!!
    Starting to panic a bit as all my mummy friends go back to work soon.
  • ME, ME, ME, I AM LOL!!!!

    We live within our budget so I dont have to work, yes money can be very tight some months ( esp next month, car service and mot..aarrgghh!!) but give me a job and I would hate missing my kids firsts,school assemblys and partys!!
    On top of that childcare cost for soon to be 4 children would be more than my rent lol!!!
  • Hi Everyone

    i became a stay at home mum at the start of this month. I have a 7 Month old and i'm not sure how it will work out but i'm planning to stay at home with him till he is 3 years old. I'm not very good at cooking, cleaning or raising children but i'm going to give it a go.

    I just dont want other people looking after him till he is a bit older. I'm also very shy so i haven't joined any playgroups yet but i'm planning on going to one next week, i hope it works out ok.

    I kind of wish i took home ecconomics in school now! It also feels wrong to rely on my husband to support Aaron and me, but i'm working to raise our child so i dont feel too bad. Does anyone else feel like this?

  • Hurray I am not the only one!
    Thanks all for replying.

    We are living on a tight buget too. I have 3 kiddiwinkles. A daughter aged 3 and twins - girl and boy - who are 15 months.
    so i am not working because i can't get a job that pays enough for the childcare...I would like to work - but then other days i just think oh well. at least my kids are all happy. they don't get foreign holidays like their cousins but then i never did as a child either - and i turned out ok (kin of - i think!!!) plus if i did manage to go back i would be so stressed getting them all dressed and break fasted in the morning.

    my daughter started pre school today and i have had a little chat with some moms at the school gate!

    i think they might be stay at homes...
    but then maybe not as it was the first day - they might have booked it off!

    one overheard me talking about baby groups i go to... and ran after me down the road t see where it is and if she could go...
    i might have a stay at home mate!
  • Hello, Nice to meet some new names!

    Im a full time mummy. I love it - although husband expects the place to be spotless. Iw as looking at how mcuh childminders cost, it would be at least half my wage thats without tax! I figured out that I would rather stay at home and see my daughter grow and see her develop her many skills. Instead of sending ehr to a childminder/nursery for me to earn a small amount of money extra. Ive always been anti the 7am-7pm day nurseries - personal opinion.

    We lvie within our budget. We dont go on luxury holidays etc, but Id rather not work and enjoy days out. I personally think everybody can afford more than 1 child if you choose carefully what you spend your money on and put your children and family before your luxuries - again personal opinon.

    The yrmy lo was born my hubby was still a student so money was tight and all we ltiereally brought was the essentials to live off. no clothes except for lo and that was our nearest to luxury. Hubby now has a job so hopefully we are starting at the bottom of the mney ladder and working up, well I hope!

    Im debating wherther to go back to work as a nruse. I qualified and due to the rubbish hr it took ages for paperwork to process. I worked at my first post for 4mths before my daughter arrived a month early. I like nursing and want to keep my registration. However, its whether its worth putting my daughter into care and working for the sake of my registration. Or whether I say life is different to how i had it planned when I applied to study nursing (dont regret it, now Im married with a lo) and therefore when my daughter is over I can consider doing a 1yr back to nursing course. I miss it when I talk to people about it, but on a day to day basis I dont miss it one bit!

    I have started doing Usborne to earn a bit of extra cash and keep my mind ticking voer with adult talk. I love how flexible it is and taking my daughter with me wherever I go.

    My oh wants to ttc now, but we have agreed to wait until next year. If I choose to get a nursing post, I would need to get one now to make it worth while. However, I am enjpying moptherhood now that I ahve got myself back - if you get me.

    Thats a bit about me and my situation as a fullt time mummy, bit long I know!I have popped on here but nothing much seems to happen. I will check more often! xxx
  • Full time mother hood is supposed to be the hardest most demanding job there is according to a recent poll !!!!

    The list of jobs we actually do is immence, they also include nursing as one of our jobs as we tend to look after the poorly kids/husband etc
    Finance/book keeper is another, most of us tend to keep an eye on the pennies (I def do).
    Childminder, chef/cook, cleaner/domestic duties, support agent, driver, health coach and teacher are just some on the list.

    It amaizes me that there are enough hours in the day at times to do my average day of jobs and the school run, take dog out etc!!
    I have to walk 1 mile each way just to get my kids to school, then theres getting the 2 miles to the super market, taking the dog for her route march around the field/woods etc. Oh and then the walking round the house cleaning and tidying up..I average about 11 miles a day at the mo!! keeps me fit though, I am nearly 20 weeks with no'4 and a small size 12....for now lol!!!
    Well thats me, full time mum, expert multi tasker lol:lol:
  • Im a full time sahm too!
    Got my daughter avril lilly almost 19 months and recently found out am pregnant due 19th july next year. I love bein ft mum best thing in world image
    my oh an electrican work been awful this year tho image and we have 28 pets live in south yorkshire
  • im a full time mum too, i got a boy who is 3 and a daughter who is 6 weeks! would love to have more kids too thou would like a little time enjoying my girlie 1st!

  • im a full time mum too, i got a boy who is 3 and a daughter who is 6 weeks! would love to have more kids too thou would like a little time enjoying my girlie 1st!

  • Im a full time mummt to Lily-Mae who will be 3 in 2 weeks & am pregnant with baby number 2.

    It does feel like we are a dying breed, lol all my friends with children are back at work and have childminders, I choose to give up work as I couldnt bare too be apart from my daughter. I did go back to work for 3 months but it was awful image

    Anyway im here im a full time mum, lol xx
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