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potty training

we're trying to potty train ben at the moment and not having much success. he's just got a very simple potty that he tends to scoot around the house on without doing much in it! the other day when i wasn't looking he managed to escape off the potty and do a poo behind a chair that i didn't find til much later - little monkey!

any tips on training.. and do people think baby toilet seats on the toilet work better?? i'm a bit clueless, and my husband Shawn, who looks after Ben full time when i'm at work, is even more clueless!!


  • aaah lucy no worries. Tate refuses point blank to sit on a potty or a toilet (bought him the thomas tank toilet seat from mothercare and thomas potty!) and he's three in December so can't offer you much advice im afraid.
  • that sounds quite cool! i think grown ups should get one, i know shawn thinks there should be a fanfare after he's been to the loo hehe! will have a look into it..
  • LOL!! Girls I had to smile reading this. I'm trying to do Charl at the moment too, but as she is very strong minded I don't want to push her too much. She refused proint blank to sit on the basic potty we used for Jack so we ended up buying her a 'throne' and she loves it when she's happy to use it!!!!!!! Poos are a big problem as she likes to do them standing up, but she's happy to do them on the toilet, again when I can persuade to go on it. I think it's just a case of seeing what they are happy to do where and work with that!!
  • thanks for the link mel, will definitely chat to shawn about it.. ben seems to be very definite about NOT going on the potty unless it's for whizzing around on! so maybe it'll just take time, and perhaps some fanfares!


    ive got this potty and christopher was more interested in it he was 3in may and we only got him dry a month before his 3rd birthday and we have only just got him on the toilet standing up but he still wont sit on the toilet and use the potty for a poo 

    ive not even thought about mollie yet dont think it will be long til she is ready as she doesnt want her nappy on 

  • that looks like a fun potty too! he quite likes flushing our toilet, so he would probably enjoy playing with that. thanks emma.

    how's christopher getting on at nursery?

  • Mollie stand in that potty and then falls over adn wonders why bless daniel children do the funny things
  • I wish tate would use the potty, I know i shouldn't but I am getting worried about it now.
  • when i get worried about ben not reaching milestones bang on target i always remember a friend saying - it's not very often you see an 18 yr old who can't talk, walk or poo in a toilet.. every child is different, but they all get there in the end! maybe chat with your hv if your worried, they may have some extra tips??

  • Christopher really enjoyed nursery today he goes back on friday then starts every morning  as from next week i was getting worried about christopher  about him potty trianing and a month before his birthday i just decided we had to get him done adn as soon as i started he got the hang off it really well adn i took him shopping and got him thomas pants and he has done really well and with in a month or so he was dry day and night he done it himself at night he had dry pull ups for 2 whole weeks so he decided that he didnt want to wear ti any more 

    you and tate will do it 

  • my hv clinic is on a weds afternoon same time as the boys swimming lessons so i always miss it. i think theres another one on a thursday somewhere else but i'd rather see my own hv. i feel a bit tired and down so probably just getting on top of me where as tomorrow it won't bother me at all!! off to bed now xxx
  • Hi Nicola.

    Try not to worry too much. I used to worry about Jack as he was still in nappies when I had Charlotte. I had a fab midwife come to the house to do the new born tests and she said, don't worry he'll do it when he's ready, he won't be going to school in nappies so don't panic. Then a few months later when he was 3 and 2 months old he appeared ready and I got him dry in the day in a week with only a handful of accidents. By all means speak to your hv team if you are worried.


  • I am training Jared atm, and we are using one of those Fisher Price all singing all daincing potties, it seems to be working as it praises him, sings to him and lights up when he sits on it!!xx
  • Nicola, Please dont worry about Tate still being in nappies. Its something he will do when he feels comfortable to do it .  Aaron was 3 1/2 when he was ready. But because he was that bit older he was dry day and night at the same time.  Also being that bit older, he was able to 'hold on' if needed so we had no accidents.  We also didnt use a potty with him, we bought a toilet seat cover and a step.

    We have bought Katelin a potty, only because she seemed to like Charlottes, so she pretends to use it. I will do with her what I did with Aaron and let her decide when the time is right.

    Lucy, have you decided yet? Lol about Ben wizzing round the house on it. Thats one way to get him used to it image x

  • Hi i have been trying to train my 2 1/2year old twins for around three weeks now and have had great success at home with no accidents with my little boy as he knows where the potty is and just goes when he needs to and also uses the toilet when upstairs using a child seat ,but we are having problems when we try to go out of the house as he gets very upset when he has an accident and doesnt want his wet things removed.

    we have never told them off for accidents and always given lots of praise for success and after an accident we just gently remind him to ask for his potty or the toilet but we just cant get him to understand that there is no need for tears and we can just change his clothes and he can carry on with what he is doing i just dont know what to do next

    my little girl has no intrest in potty trainning she knows when she needs to go as she will ask for a nappy to be put on and just screams if we ask her to try using the potty but she does ask to go to the toilet but never actually does anything but i think thats just so she can wash her hands in the sink so we have now backed of with her for now as we dont know what to do with her  

    Any help will be much appreciated!

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