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Trying for first baby

Hello everyone, I'm new here but I have been a lurker for a few months now!

I'm BeanBean and I turn 21 next week (I know, I'm a young 'un). My partner and I have been together for coming on 5 years now and we moved in together a year ago. We have a beautiful 8 month old puppy who we love to bits even if she does chew EVERYTHING!

To say that I'm desperate for a baby is an understatement, I would give anything to be pregnant right now! The OH and I stopped using contraception about 5 or 6 months ago now but sadly nothing has come of it yet. Only recently have my cycles started to regulate so fingers crossed it should be a little easier from here on out.

Anyway just thought I'd introduce myself image


  • Hello Beanbean

    My name is lisa im what you would call a younge 34 ha ha

    My 1st pregnancy I was off the pill for over 6 months, it took about 4 of them for my periods to regulate, I think you got nothing to worry about,

    Happy trying x
  • hi bean bean
    im also a tryer for my first baby
    my name is karen 25 and would love to get to know u image
  • Hey BeanBean, me and my O/H are trying for our first too image I'm around the same age as you I'm 21 in January!

    Happy TTC!! image

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