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New and looking for mum's to be in Matlock

New to this and looking for fellow mum's to be in Matlock. Early stages for me, only 9 weeks and 12 weeks seems an age away. Would be good to chat and see how everyone else getting on. I am sick mainly and can only eat chicken and drink water!


  • Hi Emma, I'm Jen, 31, also from the Matlock area and must be due at a similar time to you, I'm now 13 weeks and due on the 22nd Feb. Sounds like you were having a fun time of it in the early weeks, I was lucky, nausea but no sickness and even that seems to have subsided now which is great. How are you getting on now? This will be my first baby and I'm so excited and mildly terrified at the same time!
  • Hi, I live in Wessington, so not far from Matlock. I'm 22 weeks pregnant tommorow with my first baby - due on the 28th December. Incredibly excited! Would love to chat with anyone.:\)
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